Saturday, June 27, 2009

好美的烏節律夜景 night scenes of Orchard road

this is Wisma Atria, big big shopping mall in the heart of Orchard road. the 4th floor has a food court. in case you are looking for one, that's the information. it is connected to the Orchard MRT station. Wisma Atria--烏節律一間主要商場,很大很美,與烏節地鐵連接在一起.只想告訴大家,萬一你們像我那樣,每到一個地方就是已經要吃飯的時候,哪...這個大廈的4樓就是食物廣場.大家自已去看看和品嚐吧....不必客氣.
until now, Lucky Plaza still a very popular shopping centre, cheap items can be found there, although most shopping centres at this corner of Singapore are just not cheap, rather, soooo expensive. 烏節律是新加坡主要商業中心,許多商場都設立在這里.幸運商業中心是最早期開設的商場,里面的東西卻並不貴.不像這條路的其他商場,一些連走進去都害怕,雖然我只是喜歡看看櫥窗window shopping而已.來到新加坡,讓我學到,除了window shopping,還有window eating!!!太多東西吃了,吃不下那麼多...只好看看算了.
Ngee Ann City, famous by the name, but I can't remember I've ever enter this place before or not. definitely not this trip. so many shopping malls, just got time walking pass by. 義安城,不記得曾否進去過.好像每回來到這里,時間都不合,只在外面這樣看看,拍兩張照,就算是"到此一遊"了.
Plaza Singapura, closed and open again, exist quite many years already. during the middle of 70's in t he last century, it was there already. at that time, it was as big as today. 獅城大廈,上世紀70年代中期已存在,關了又開,仍然在這里,仍然一如當年那麼大間.它是在烏節律的一端,又在總統府附近,所以我一直會記得這里.當然,走路可要好一段距離哦....

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