Monday, June 29, 2009

乘巴士車遊新加坡moving around Singapore by bus

the bus terminal is modern and clean, easy to get around. you just need to know where to go. unfortunately, visitors usually don't know where they are heading, only the destination. 新加坡的巴士站夠清潔,夠現代化.只要你曉得往那兒走,就很方向.可惜我們只知道目的地,那兒走就要問了.
advertisement on buses is so impressive and attractive. 巴士車的外表也挺吸引人的.每一架車的外觀都不同,都可以賣廣告賺錢.真是錢的世界.
going to zoo, bird park, or night safari? this is the bus, but twice a day, you miss one, have to wait half day. not convenient at all. you go yourself? you have a busy day like me, by MRT and bus. but, you'll enjoy the trip, although really tiresome. I even took a S$1.50 chicken rice on the way in one of those stations, no where else you can find such cheap chicken rice in Singapore. only 6 small pieces of chicken, with cucumber!!! 要去動物園,飛禽公園或夜遊動物園?沒問題,這輛巴士車就是專門由各大酒店載客人去到這些地點.可是,一天才兩趟,早上慢了一步,只好等到下午了.這就麻煩了,浪費太多時間.自己走?要乘搭地鐵和巴士車,好匆忙,好疲倦.是很好玩,途中還可以在某個站吃到全新加坡最便宜的雞飯,只有一塊半新元,大概有6塊雞肉,加上幾片黃瓜.當你肚子餓的時候,又暫時找不到飯吃時,你是很高興能吃到一頓這麼便宜的雞飯.

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