Sunday, June 21, 2009

老巴剎飲食中心Lau Pa Sat food centre, Singapore

this is only another food centre in Singapore, but a little different from others, with a stand in the middle, some performance going on during the night, but I don't think every night. many stalls in the food centre. the food? must be the same as any where else, I suppose? we walk and walk, just to look for this place. and it turn up to be just another food centre. I tell you, sometimes just by the name sake, you will be cheated.
老巴剎就座落在新加坡南端,與魚尾獅像不遠.說是不遠,走起來也要好一段路程.有你得走的. Lau Pa Sat is quite near to the Merlion, at the river mouth of Singapore River. walking to the harbour front, takes some time.
里里外外都是人,這是中午午餐時間,也難怪這麼多人了.四週有樹木遮陰,雖然涼不到那里,好過沒有. every corner is full, although hot afternoon, tree shade at least help a bit.
阿美娟在喝冰水,旁邊是搭座人留下的紙巾做為標記,表示有人坐. other guests sitting with us, they leave tissue papers on the table, as a sign to tell others that, some one is sitting there.
四周圍坐滿人,中間一個大舞台. crowded place, a stage in the middle.

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