Tuesday, June 16, 2009

羅馬安大橋要銜接了 bridge crossing Sungei Lobaan

a bridge crossing over Sungei Lobaan, a tributary of Rajang river, is under construction, which require ships passing by, to limit the height to 20 meters, for the safety of the construction work.
Sibu to Tanjung Manis, a deep sea port in the making, will be around 80km by road once completed. it is expected to be readied by July next year.
there will be 9 bridges crossing various points, and it will takes over an hour by road from one end to the other.
橫跨羅馬安河大橋工程. construction work on the bridge in progress.
明年7月,就可以全部完工使用了. the bridges will be ready by July, next year.
大路也正在積極施工. road is under construction as well.

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