Friday, June 19, 2009

30周年之旅 30th anniversary trip

can you imagine I have married for 30 years already? actually it will be next year, but I choose to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, just in near by city state: Singapore. and so, honeymoon again, enjoy....
Singapore's Clarke Quay is one of two venues we took our anniversary photos. for a photographer myself, you don't usually take your own photo. so, two is really a lot.
Clarke Quay is very popular tourist attraction. we walk along the Singapore River for over an hour, and enjoy our morning walk.
怎麼樣?看上去還挺春風得意.那可不是我應有的樣子.可能太興奮了,臉好像腫了起來.實際上是,timer時間太短,按了快門就趕趕跑過去,還沒有站穩已被拍了. this photo was taken in a haste, not enough time for me to stand properly, the time for the timer is too short.
 克拉碼頭的古老”戰艦”型水上餐廳. restaurant on the water, appearance just like old warship.
 克拉碼頭對岸是central廣場,沒有上去參觀.當時只是早上九點多,距離開門還有一段很長的時間. central square on the opposite bank of Singapore River. a big mall I suppose, but we did not go in for a look, it was too early, just around 9 something.
 新加坡兩岸的建築和陳設,都是很特別和別具一格的.在這兩岸邊跑上一圈已足夠了.恐怕很多人還不可能跑完一圈,畢竟是太遠了.the river bank of Singapore River is real beautiful, many people jogging along the bank. not sure how many kilometer, can not run even a circle for many, I suppose...
 很特別的咖啡館,名稱就叫”診療所”,連一張古老的拔牙椅子也搬來充門面. and so, this coffee shop is a bit different, the name is "CLINIC", even a dentist chair is put in place.
 這整排停放的是水上觀光遊艇.時間尚早,還沒有開航. tourists site seeing boats, waiting for passengers.
 這座橋顏色設計怪怪的,好像曾見過.應該是他們在水中放大量的塑膠鴨活動時拍到,在報上看到的吧. the painting on this bridge looks interesting. I suppose many activities has been going on at this place, with the bridge as background.


  1. 祝你倆白頭偕老,恩恩愛愛,如膠似漆(希望沒有寫錯),嘻嘻...:p

  2. I see you have Nikon D80 and D200? How many lenses do you have?

    My 1st is D80 and I now have D40 and D700 in my collection.


  3. I see you have Nikon D80 and D200? How many lenses do you have?

    My 1st is D80 and I now have D40 and D700 in my collection.

    regards, trekker

  4. Wah!!!..going for honey moon for the 30th time..Congratulation!! Mr & Mrs Steve Ling.
    Did I saw you buying some herbs the other day?.. or maybe I saw wrong person but on second thought it couldn't not be someother person. haa.haa.haa.
    No joke no fun.

  5. sorry Ling, you should have D80 and D300.

    Abana is Khalid? I must have seen you [with MAS?]at Townsquare one evening with your camera.

    regards, trekker

  6. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day too....

  7. many thanks to all of you, 30 years is not very long actually. but, you have to admit, time really flies.
    by the way, I have only D80 and D300, my lenses collection include 70-200 2.8, 18-135 3.5/5.6, fisheye 10.5, 11-16 2.8 Tokina, 18-70 3.5/4.6, Tamron macro 90 2.8, and some other non-digital lenses.
    well, work hard, and take as much pictures as you can, and enjoy....
    next trip---to Gariget fishing village, near Kebong fishing village. some where between Sarikei and Betong. interesting to join? just give me a call. it will be a one day trip, from dawn to dust. H/P 012 891 2569

  8. To avoid getting 'fat' pictures because you have to run really fast to go infront of the camera, invest in a remote control shuttle buttonlah :) :) Thanks for all the Singapore pictures, one of my friend and her family just went there. So, it is kind of interesting that you have all the pictures to show me where they have gone! So... when will you come to the U.S. to take some 紅毛pictures? I guarantee we have a lot here :)

  9. BTW, happy 30th anniversary!!!!