Monday, June 29, 2009

Vivo City和深海世界 Undersea world & Vivo City

站在魚群底下有多爽?那就要問問阿美娟了.這是聖陶沙島的深海世界內所拍. under all these fishes, what feeling do you have? this is Sentosa Resort, undersea world.
水母的顏色,是隨著燈光而改變,並不是它們本來的顏色. the colour of the jelly fish changes according to the lighting.
這隻海馬像是水草,或是水草像海馬.都一樣,反正兩者分不開. seahorse or seaweed? I think that makes no different. just let it be....
聖陶沙島的對岸,也就是新加坡島這一端的大樓,里面是Vivo City購物中心.很大,很亮麗. on the main land of Singapore, opposite of Sentosa Resort, is this main building which also house the Vivo City shopping mall. very bright, very nice.
在Vivo City里,可以見到古晉的kolo麵.砂拉越人"殺"到新加坡了.哪,新加坡不是很快"淪陷"在砂拉越人手中?! Sarawakian, Kuchingite in particular, open this kolo mee restaurant in Vivo City.

乘巴士車遊新加坡moving around Singapore by bus

the bus terminal is modern and clean, easy to get around. you just need to know where to go. unfortunately, visitors usually don't know where they are heading, only the destination. 新加坡的巴士站夠清潔,夠現代化.只要你曉得往那兒走,就很方向.可惜我們只知道目的地,那兒走就要問了.
advertisement on buses is so impressive and attractive. 巴士車的外表也挺吸引人的.每一架車的外觀都不同,都可以賣廣告賺錢.真是錢的世界.
going to zoo, bird park, or night safari? this is the bus, but twice a day, you miss one, have to wait half day. not convenient at all. you go yourself? you have a busy day like me, by MRT and bus. but, you'll enjoy the trip, although really tiresome. I even took a S$1.50 chicken rice on the way in one of those stations, no where else you can find such cheap chicken rice in Singapore. only 6 small pieces of chicken, with cucumber!!! 要去動物園,飛禽公園或夜遊動物園?沒問題,這輛巴士車就是專門由各大酒店載客人去到這些地點.可是,一天才兩趟,早上慢了一步,只好等到下午了.這就麻煩了,浪費太多時間.自己走?要乘搭地鐵和巴士車,好匆忙,好疲倦.是很好玩,途中還可以在某個站吃到全新加坡最便宜的雞飯,只有一塊半新元,大概有6塊雞肉,加上幾片黃瓜.當你肚子餓的時候,又暫時找不到飯吃時,你是很高興能吃到一頓這麼便宜的雞飯.

Suntec City許個發財願 pray for wealth at Suntec City

this view at the wealth fountain of Suntec City seems familiar. may be, in some magazine. what is the meaning of the circle, I never want to know. may be have some "fong sui" implications. well, let those who really believe it, believe what they want. what I'm interested, is just taking some nice and impressive photos. that's it. 新加坡Suntec City內的這個圓圈,象徵甚麼從來沒有去注意.只知道這個地點的形象好熟,應該在甚麼旅遊雜誌上有見過.原來就在這里....一點也不出奇.現在再問我,Suntec City怎樣去,我又忘了.sorry....圓圈是有甚麼"風水"作用嗎?看樣子是吧.
this is what they want you to do: walk around the "fountain of wealth" three times, and pray deep in your heart what you want. I never remember to ask Ah Mee Kiong what she pray for. well, actually I have every thing already. what else I need. as the saying goes: if you earn the whole world, and loss.....哪,圓圈底下的"財富泉源"就已告訴你,這個地點可以帶給你財富,只要你繞三圈,心中默默祈禱.阿美娟,你祈求甚麼呢?
an interior view of one of the four building of Suntec City. looks very modern and neat. Suntec City好像有四座建築.這是其中一間建築的內部陳設.相當整潔美觀.但是,我感受不到一絲絲的親切感,只有"錢"感....

不一樣的新加坡Singapore a bit different

MRT taking passengers to city centre from the airport. a different experience, but isn't it convenient? may be for those with not much things to carry, that will be a good transport, and cheap, I suppose. if you are not familiar with the surrounding, you better pay around S$25 for the taxi. 今日的新加坡,提供飛機場到市中心的地鐵服務.不過,如果你行李多,又不怎麼曉得路,你還是乖乖的乘搭的士車好點.預備25元新幣,應該足夠到達任何酒店的門口.新加坡沒有控制機場的士車的車資,不像吉隆坡可以先購車票.不過,如果他們亂亂來,搭客是可以投訴的.新加坡在這方面聽說很嚴.
visitors centres play important part for tourists, specially when you are looking for something or some where. you know what I mean. they can give you information and advice. but, never wake up too early like those of us coming from the rural villages, because the centre only open at 10 or 11am. normal for them in the city, not for us. I demand their 24 hours round the clock service. that looks like it....遊人資訊中心,甚麼問題都可以提出來.他們能夠協助你.去的,買的,貴的,便值的,只要你問得出,他們至少可以給你答案,或意見.不過,不要像我那麼山芭佬,一大清早就跑到資訊中心推門,結果守門員指指告示,原來要要上午10點或11點才開門.我要求提供全時間24小時服務.這才符合新加坡促進旅遊業的努力.那里有遊人等時間到你那兒求救的?他們是路過,發現到你,就想找你幫忙.結果你還在睡覺,叫我「等下再來」....豈有此理!!
if you are not sure where to go, other than asking the visitors information centres, you can also look up for the direction map along any street. study it carefully, you will get something, and some where. 大路旁,也經常可見方向指示地點.如果不確定方向,還是謙虛一點,停下來看看,不要不懂裝懂,害人害己.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

好美的烏節律夜景 night scenes of Orchard road

this is Wisma Atria, big big shopping mall in the heart of Orchard road. the 4th floor has a food court. in case you are looking for one, that's the information. it is connected to the Orchard MRT station. Wisma Atria--烏節律一間主要商場,很大很美,與烏節地鐵連接在一起.只想告訴大家,萬一你們像我那樣,每到一個地方就是已經要吃飯的時候,哪...這個大廈的4樓就是食物廣場.大家自已去看看和品嚐吧....不必客氣.
until now, Lucky Plaza still a very popular shopping centre, cheap items can be found there, although most shopping centres at this corner of Singapore are just not cheap, rather, soooo expensive. 烏節律是新加坡主要商業中心,許多商場都設立在這里.幸運商業中心是最早期開設的商場,里面的東西卻並不貴.不像這條路的其他商場,一些連走進去都害怕,雖然我只是喜歡看看櫥窗window shopping而已.來到新加坡,讓我學到,除了window shopping,還有window eating!!!太多東西吃了,吃不下那麼多...只好看看算了.
Ngee Ann City, famous by the name, but I can't remember I've ever enter this place before or not. definitely not this trip. so many shopping malls, just got time walking pass by. 義安城,不記得曾否進去過.好像每回來到這里,時間都不合,只在外面這樣看看,拍兩張照,就算是"到此一遊"了.
Plaza Singapura, closed and open again, exist quite many years already. during the middle of 70's in t he last century, it was there already. at that time, it was as big as today. 獅城大廈,上世紀70年代中期已存在,關了又開,仍然在這里,仍然一如當年那麼大間.它是在烏節律的一端,又在總統府附近,所以我一直會記得這里.當然,走路可要好一段距離哦....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sentosa is famous in name only, not much tourists these days. that is the reason why two casinos are under construction at the moment, one of them on the Sentosa Resort.
Singaporeans said that, casinos not meant for tourism, rather, to attract those with lots of money to spend, especially those who are using the money of the state, not from their own pockets. well, I don't care anything about that, not my business. if I can enjoy myself, that's enough already.
單軌火車每趟往返3新元,島上巴士車免費. monorail to the island, S$3 dollar a round trip. no charge for buses.
這個地點也有一座魚尾獅身像,不過,樣子好兇哦....there's another Merlion on the island resort. this one looks so unfriendly.
一架單軌火車經過仍在興建中的名勝世界賭場. a monorail passing by the Resort World casino, which is expected to open in the second half of next year.
遊人可以隨意坐巴士車在鳥上到處走動. tourists can take buses to any destinations on the island resort.
要租供腳車自己到處闖?也是不錯的選擇. bicycles for rent, do some cycling is a wise choice.

新加坡的地鐵 Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) of Singapore

新加坡的地鐵,我坐一天就曉得怎麼走了.它有幾個中轉站,讓不同方向的交通使用者,可以轉車.它的月台都有告訴你返那個方向走.你只要查看它的路線圖,最後一站就是它的方向指標.例如woodland和harbour front是其中兩個終點站,你如果是朝向woodland的一個方向,只要看看月台是否有這個名稱,準沒錯.
they said, Singapore's MRT is good and convenient. good and convenient for tourists is meaningless, because we don't use it.
but, if you ever use the MRT in Singapore, just ask the attendant for help. basically, the direction of the MRT, is what we are concern most. isn't it. we don't want to go the wrong way. Singapore's MRT direction sign, tells you the stop of the train. you can always check the map, to see which direction you are heading.
I used only one day to get familiar with the MRT. next time, I can take you around with MRT. sure, for free, but not the MRT.
左邊名稱是地鐵的方向,右邊則是你現在的這個站地點.方向指標旁的,是月台的號碼.上面寫著是那一條線路. the reading on left tells you your direction. while at right, tells you your present station. above the direction is the line you are travelling. I hope you "catch" what I try to explain.
地鐵內,不是上下班時間尚好.如果剛好是人潮的時候,坐都沒得坐.車廂內有"破庴港"phua cho kang陪著你. inside the MRT, if it is not rush hour, you can enjoy. but during the rush hours before office time or after office, you'll need to stand. luckily, phua cho kang is with you through out the whole journey. you will not feel boring.
車廂內也有地鐵路線圖.有空時不妨多看清楚.播音器不時提醒你,看看是否有人留下手提袋忘了拿.不是叫你做個好公民,乃是"防恐"也!!! inside the MRT cabin, there are direction guide. you can always check out properly.
人多的時候,phua cho kang會阻止你沖上車,先讓下車人士出來才好進去. let those inside the train come out first, before you people rush in. that's what phua cho kang trying to tell you.
這是地鐵的入口,通常在地底,所以才會叫"地"鐵. this is an entrance of MRT, usually underground.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

新加坡魚尾獅身像Merlion Park, Singapore

at the river mouth of Singapore River, stands this important statute: the Merlion, symbol of Singapore. if you have not been there, it's a pity.... how can you not visit this place, and yet telling others you have been to Singapore....
這是我在新加坡拍的兩張照片之一.證明我們確實有來到這里,沒有騙人.這張相片就笑得夠燦爛了.... from the smile, you know I really enjoy visiting this place. and, this is the only two photos I took with my wife while in Singapore. see its importance?
新加坡河口,這座橋和兩岸的建設都是重要景點,例如右邊這個設計特別的建築是劇場. the bridge and theatre at right, are important venues of Singapore.
認識這三座重要的標誌性建築物嗎?今年底你們應該可以正式見到它的全部面貌了.它就是新加坡兩座賭場之一的美國金沙賭場SANDS. know these three pillars-like building? you'll find out what it is by the end of the year, when famous casino from the USA opens for business. yes, that is the SANDS.
新加坡巨大摩天輪,也在這一帶. big wheel in the sky, at the river mouth. it is another attraction of Singapore. but I only look at it from far away.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

老巴剎飲食中心Lau Pa Sat food centre, Singapore

this is only another food centre in Singapore, but a little different from others, with a stand in the middle, some performance going on during the night, but I don't think every night. many stalls in the food centre. the food? must be the same as any where else, I suppose? we walk and walk, just to look for this place. and it turn up to be just another food centre. I tell you, sometimes just by the name sake, you will be cheated.
老巴剎就座落在新加坡南端,與魚尾獅像不遠.說是不遠,走起來也要好一段路程.有你得走的. Lau Pa Sat is quite near to the Merlion, at the river mouth of Singapore River. walking to the harbour front, takes some time.
里里外外都是人,這是中午午餐時間,也難怪這麼多人了.四週有樹木遮陰,雖然涼不到那里,好過沒有. every corner is full, although hot afternoon, tree shade at least help a bit.
阿美娟在喝冰水,旁邊是搭座人留下的紙巾做為標記,表示有人坐. other guests sitting with us, they leave tissue papers on the table, as a sign to tell others that, some one is sitting there.
四周圍坐滿人,中間一個大舞台. crowded place, a stage in the middle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

30周年之旅 30th anniversary trip

can you imagine I have married for 30 years already? actually it will be next year, but I choose to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, just in near by city state: Singapore. and so, honeymoon again, enjoy....
Singapore's Clarke Quay is one of two venues we took our anniversary photos. for a photographer myself, you don't usually take your own photo. so, two is really a lot.
Clarke Quay is very popular tourist attraction. we walk along the Singapore River for over an hour, and enjoy our morning walk.
怎麼樣?看上去還挺春風得意.那可不是我應有的樣子.可能太興奮了,臉好像腫了起來.實際上是,timer時間太短,按了快門就趕趕跑過去,還沒有站穩已被拍了. this photo was taken in a haste, not enough time for me to stand properly, the time for the timer is too short.
 克拉碼頭的古老”戰艦”型水上餐廳. restaurant on the water, appearance just like old warship.
 克拉碼頭對岸是central廣場,沒有上去參觀.當時只是早上九點多,距離開門還有一段很長的時間. central square on the opposite bank of Singapore River. a big mall I suppose, but we did not go in for a look, it was too early, just around 9 something.
 新加坡兩岸的建築和陳設,都是很特別和別具一格的.在這兩岸邊跑上一圈已足夠了.恐怕很多人還不可能跑完一圈,畢竟是太遠了.the river bank of Singapore River is real beautiful, many people jogging along the bank. not sure how many kilometer, can not run even a circle for many, I suppose...
 很特別的咖啡館,名稱就叫”診療所”,連一張古老的拔牙椅子也搬來充門面. and so, this coffee shop is a bit different, the name is "CLINIC", even a dentist chair is put in place.
 這整排停放的是水上觀光遊艇.時間尚早,還沒有開航. tourists site seeing boats, waiting for passengers.
 這座橋顏色設計怪怪的,好像曾見過.應該是他們在水中放大量的塑膠鴨活動時拍到,在報上看到的吧. the painting on this bridge looks interesting. I suppose many activities has been going on at this place, with the bridge as background.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

新加坡"牛車水" Singapore's Chinatown

怪怪的名稱,為何叫"牛車水"?恕我懶得去考查.管他....我們從前叫這里People's Park(珍珠坊).其實,它又叫"牛車水",又叫珍珠坊,又叫People's Park,全部都是Chinatown的一部份.能夠找到這里是最重要的,名稱只是習慣和親切感.
Chinatown or People's Park, is a symbol of the old Singapore. I was there 33 years ago, as a student, in 1972, staying until 1976. I went back to visit Singapore in 1997. the only different is the MRT, the mass transit system which construction started in the late 70's.
the MRT is a very convenient transport, I learn in just three days how to move round. unfortunately have to go home on the 4th day.
the People's Park or Chinatown, is where you can buy cheap items. and it's "Pasar Malam", or night hawker stalls were re-started in 17th June, 2004. obviously realizing the importance of these business activities are actually popular among the tourists.
街道一個角落望向珍珠坊大廈. a corner of People's Park.
天橋上望向珍珠坊大廈和它的商業中心. a view on the overhead bridge of People's Park building.
說是夜市,白天夜晚一樣開. although it is called "Pasar Malam", they do business during day time as well.
珍珠坊的"中僑百貨",這個名稱讓人時光倒流.這是上個世紀留存下來的商業公司,賣的純粹是傳統的中國貨. the famous China Overseas emporium, a well known emporium in the last century. it is still in operation, woah....
珍珠坊已成為中國人民在新加坡主要集中地.在這里,也有匯款中心,協助他們將彼邦賺到的錢匯回家.在烏節路,幸運商業中心則是印尼人和菲律賓人匯款的地點. People's Park commercial centre is the place where many Chinese from China send their earning back to their home.
牛車水天橋上,底下是地鐵入口,遠一點則是夜市. on the overhead bridge, beneath is the MRT entrance and night market.
這是真正在夜晚拍的夜市景觀. and, this is the actual night market.
只是看見扇子漂亮,並不是要拍阿姆.但是她的反應好激烈,急急的搖著手,快快拍了走開,管她在罵甚麼....I'm only interested in the fans, but the Ah Moo react vigorously, just ignore her and walk away.
牛車水夜市的飲食攤位,好可惜沒有坐下來休息一下.因為心中只以為是賺"紅毛人"錢的地方,不想被"砍".現在看清楚,原來全是自己人. this is the food stalls of the night market.
牛車水鄰近的著名印度廟,以為可以拍幾張照.誰曉得,新加坡到處在重建,連印度廟也在修建,沒有好拍,只好拍"紅毛"了.....the Indian temple is under re-construction, nothing to see, just the white people.