Thursday, May 28, 2009

吉娃娃,有興趣嗎? chihuahua, anybody interested?

這些小狗真小,但聲音卻不小,會吠個不停.每隻售價大約1,000令吉.不便宜.它們的名字很特別,叫做"吉娃娃".真的是像足了娃娃狗. these dogs are called "chihuahua", each cost around Rm1,000. they are small, but bark loud.

詩巫已成燕子城 swallows' town

詩巫燕子之多,大概沒有幾個地方可以比擬的.由于沒有採取任何行動,現在燕子已佔據了大半個詩巫,遲早將人類趕離這里. Sibu has become the town of swallows. nothing has been done about the situation, so the swallows population keep growing. may be, one day, human being will be chase away by them.

達雅節來囉 it's Gawai again

達雅節又來臨,最熱鬧的,是碼頭區.看,人頭攢動,一大堆人要坐快艇返鄉過年.今年在詩巫歡慶達雅節,應該會去拜年吧's Gawai again, and the wharf is flooded with passengers going home to their villages for the festival.
快艇碼頭掛上布條,祝賀達雅人佳節快樂. a banner put up in Sibu wharf, to celebrate the festival.
姆雞是他們最喜歡的食品,過年過節一定要買. Dayaks like chickens as their celebration meals.
碼頭上一片熱鬧情景. it is busy on the wharf.
快艇被擠得滿滿,能夠載的全都要載走. express boats are overloaded.
是的,要帶多多東西回家過節. a lot of things to bring home for the occasion.
佳節時刻,不必再計較,能買的就買吧.... this is the time to celebrate, so, no need to save too much, just buy.
確保你的物品一切都安穏無憂. sure all your belongings are safe and secure.
一年中只有一次大事慶祝,能夠帶回家的,就盡量帶走吧. this is the time of the year, when you celebrate, you like to bring home all of them. and so, the express boat is absolutely full.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

吳文豪遊木傑立麻森林公園 Bennet in Bukit Lima Forest Park

Primary Four student, Bennet Goh followed his father and 2 "uncles" visited Bukit Lima Forest Park, this morning. he has never been there, naturally he found interesting things surrounding him, including plants, animals and insects. it is not surprise to realize that, even our park near by, although considered to be small in size, is still a very interesting place to visit. school students should be encouraged to visit this park for educational purposes.
文豪在森林公園門口留影. Bennet at the entrance to the park.
樹叢間可以見到鳥兒在覓食. a big bird near by in the trees, looking for food.
有藍天,有白雲,森林公園真美麗. blue sky and bright sun, the park is surrounded by trees.
與這棵大樹比起來,文豪顯得多麼渺小. compare to this big and tall tree, Bennet is considered to be small.
你看,這兩朵樹葉多"羅曼蒂克"? even the plants are so romantic.
白色磨菇躲在陰暗處. white mushrooms grow under the shade of trees.
這隻綠色小蜥蝪顯得多親切. this green lizard is just as friendly.
色彩鮮艷蚊蟲在水面上浮游. colourful mosquitoes floating on the water.
任何時候,任何樹枝或葉子上,隨時都可見到一些昆蟲. insects are every where in the park.
森林公園內也可見到一些猴子在覓食. there are monkeys up there, it is lucky to see them once a while.
依樹而生的爬籐植物,形成多美觀的園景. plants live on tree, makes a perfect picture.
草蜢停在樹枝上. grasshopper can be seen easily.
枯葉也是這麼的美麗,天底下還有甚麼醜陋的東西? creation of God, yellow leaf so artistic.

老虎蘭 遍地開 tiger orchid in full bloom

King of all orchids: Tiger Orchid is in full bloom this very moment. there are many species of tiger orchid, but most of us only have the chance to see those with yellow petals, and chocolate dots.
tiger orchids can be found in the jungle, among the branches high up on the tree. it is not that difficult to find, just need patient and determination.
as we can see many tiger orchids blooming in people's house, is a prove that it is not going to extinct. although forest is being destroyed, many species of wild orchids, including tiger orchid may have died, many make their way to human houses. this is why, these days, we can easily see so many wild orchids, even the so called rare "Tiger Orchid" !!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

森林深處, 半空中的天橋 Canopy in the middle of the jungle

這個森林中的天橋,距離地面足足有20公尺,它分為15段,全程長480公尺,讓你在巨樹間走來走去,蠻刺激的.去走過,你就領會它的樂趣了. this canopy is around 20m above the ground, and is in the middle of the jungle. it has 15 stages, 480 meters long. you just walk among the big trees, and enjoy majestic view of the surrounding. it is worth it, everybody must go there and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

峇南河 Baram river

空中望向峇南河,好像一條蛇在森林中遊走. as seen from the air, Baram river looks like a snake, winding through the jungle.

深山到處是寶 treasure abound in the deep jungle

森林真是太奇妙了.許多奇奇怪怪的植物和昆蟲都可以見到,令你大開眼界. lots of treasures in the jungle, this is for sure. Mount Mulu is no exception. so many things to see, it will surprise you.
見過小昆蟲躲在大磨菇底下陰暗處嗎?沒有睜大眼睛去看,很容易令你走寶. different types of insect hiding under the shade of this big mushroom. if you don't look carefully, you would not have see them.
大概沒有幾人有機會看到磨菇散發氣體吧?可能是由于氣候轉熱,引發磨菇內的水氣蒸發.ever see mushroom fuming? I don't know why, probably due to morning sun warming up, causing evaporation.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

姆祿國家公園 Mulu National Park

這是姆祿深山遠景. this is a view of Mount Mulu.
遊人在姆祿國家公園飛機場拍照留念. tourists taking photo in the airport of Mulu National Park.
這座吊橋一次只能讓20人走過. maximum 20 persons can cross this suspension bridge together.
姆祿國家公園辦公室前,人來人往,遊人眾多. tourists flooded the entrance to the park office.
這就是姆祿國家公園的投宿處,非常理想和方便,還有飲食店. this is the park quarters, convenient and very popular, with big rooms and food cafe.

鹿洞 Deer Cave

姆祿國家公園的鹿洞里,住著2-300萬隻蝙蝠.每天它們要吃掉約15噸的飛蟲. around 2 to 3 million bats lives in Deer Cave in Mulu National Park. they consumed about 15 tonnes of flying insects every night.
這是鹿洞里向外望,貌似林肯的洞壁. looking from inside Deer Cave, this stone wall looks just like Abraham Lincolm.
洞內介紹. explanation text of Deer Cave.
遊客在鹿洞外等候蝙蝠飛出洞外覓食. tourists sitting outside the cave, waiting for the bats to fly out of the caves.
這便是鹿洞和蘭洞的外貌. exterior view of Deer Cave and Langs Cave.

老虎蘭 tiger orchid

姆祿國家公園最漂亮的花,是老虎蘭. prettiest flowers in Mulu National Park, is Tiger orchid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

姆祿國家公園之行 Mount Mulu trip

明天,重要的日子.我生平第一次去姆祿國家公園.與周日成和許保德3人,今晚深夜坐巴士車赴美里,明早空路去姆祿.從來沒有去過,最大的負擔是相機和鏡頭.只帶了尼肯D300和D80機身.鏡頭則帶了尼肯18-135mm,Tokina 11-16mm,及騰龍90微距鏡.至於尼肯70-200鏡頭,太重了,只好割愛.我們將會在姆祿住上3個晚上,去看看一些深山里的山洞(大驚小怪),以及傍晚蝙蝠出洞景觀(少見多怪),星期6返回詩巫.放心,甚麼都不會做,只拍照.... tomorrow, together with Philip Hii and Chiew Nip Sing, three of us begin our journey to Mt. Mulu. will stay there for 3 nights, and visit a few caves. well, I have never been there, so, expect to take as much photos as I can. that is the most I can do. 4GB of Extreme III CF card, one piece 512 MB outdated CF card, three 4 GB SD cards, with my Nikon D300 and D80, and lenses of Nikon 18-135mm, Tokina 11-16mm, and Tamron 90 macro. well, I leave my Nikon 70-200 lens behind, too heavy to carry.

三洋有多高? how high is Wisma Sanyan?

相信多數多數的人,都知道三洋大廈是28層樓.這是事實.不過,如果你由樓梯走的話,你會發現,好像有點錯了.因為,當你走到28層的時候,你會發現,樓上還有樓,一直走到33層,你才沒有路走.不止這樣,如果你由底層停車場往上走,你將要多走兩層,合共35層.相信嗎?不信?哪,下一次我們在底層停車場見好嗎? I believe many would think that Wisma Sanyan is 28 storeys. well, actually that is quite true. but not its staircase. if you ever walk up Wisma Sanyan, you will realize that, 28 floors is just not enough, because, you will need to continue walking up the staircase, until you reach the number 33. but, if you walk straight from the basement car park, it is another 2 floors. imagine, 35 floors of staircase....unbelievable? never mind, let's just meet at the basement car park next time. how about it?.....

茶友會 吃麵包 tea & pou

詩巫衛理報辦公室每週一下午的茶友會,茶友有增無減.現在,遠方的朋友Sarawakiana,由美里寄來一些費用,請茶友們在喝茶的同時,配以麵包.表弟也就毫不客氣的全數買了麵包,害我們茶只喝兩口,麵包倒要大口大口吃才吃的完.吃不完的?只好打包了.... Sarawakiana from Miri sent over some cash for our weekly "Tea" party, at Methodist Message office. my cousin buy too much "pou", which we were unable to finish. many thanks to Sarawakiana, may be sent some "pou" from Miri next time....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

豬籠草 pitcher plants

砂拉越各地有很多豬籠草.如果你曉得去那里找,肯定讓你驚喜連連.見過大如1.5公升瓶子的豬籠草嗎?沒有親眼見到,任你死也不相信是嗎?很多人都是這樣.所以,有時,事實擺在眼前時,你還會猶豫,這是真還是假.詩巫的蘭斗邦江,德古路的一條支路.那里接近江邊的地點,有很多種類和形狀的豬籠草.沒有注意,任你怎麼找都找不到.找到時,又令你緊張到雙手發抖.不採回家,覺得可惜.採回家,又怕被抓.最好的辦法,就是用相機拍回家,包你睡覺都會笑.詩巫攝影學會會員一行整10人,今午風雨不改,苦苦等到雨停,拍了"一堆"帶回家.這里與大家分享比較像樣一點的作品. around 10 members of Photographic Society of Sibu, went for a outing of photo shooting. their target: pitcher plants. the place is Rantau Panjang in Sibu. some 20 km from Sibu town centre. going by Teku road, and take a left turn when arriving at a junction where Rantau Panjang road begins. go straight until you almost reach the end of the road, before the round-about. there, by the road side, you will find a lot of different species of pitcher plants. following are some of them, including the flowers.