Thursday, April 30, 2009

崎嶇難行 difficult to drive

實蘭溝到萬年煙路口的路段真是難行.雖然小車也可以照過,只是駕駛不易.整條路都在改建. from Selangau to Balingian junction, the road is under re-construction, and so the condition is really not convenient. the road is passable by small cars, the only thing is driving difficulty.

健康最重要 it is important to do some exercise

衛理報幹事黃孟禮,表弟陳聯啟及本人,也有機會在拉讓花園小小地點做做運動.他兩個經常在一起緩跑,我只是客串一次. Methodist Message Chief Editor Meng Leh and my cousin Ah Kie, three of us went for a jogging recently. they do regular exercise, while I only play my part on and off. but I do a lot of photography under the hot sun, that should compensate my less exercise, I suppose?....

photographers's work on display詩巫攝影學會會員展示作品

詩巫攝影學會創舉!該會3名會員的攝影作品,獲得詩巫著名酒店---京城大酒店的協助,開始在酒店櫃台前展示.該會將繼續推動這項活動,並期望在其他酒店同樣展示不同會員的作品.右起為該會會員許保德,林禮長,梁慶嶸和他們的作品.左為京城大酒店經理許道敏. this is a great day for Photographic Society of Sibu. 3 of its members' work are displayed at the lobby of Premier Hotel, Sibu. the society hope to get permission from more local hotels, so that more work of its members can be displayed. the work of Philip Hii(from right), Steve Ling, and Liong Khing Yeen have been put up in the hotel lobby, with its Sales Manager Tony Hii looking on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

詩巫攝影學會 今年推動多項活動 Activities for photographers in Sibu

周日成在萬年煙河岸邊拍攝碩莪桐. ah Chew at the waterfront of Balingian, during our recent trip to Mukah KAUL festival.

一項與今日數碼攝影有關的Adobe Photoshop簡易使用課程也將在適當時候舉辦,公開給會員和有興趣的攝影界朋友參與.這項須付費課程,將邀請外地相關人士前來主持.
the Photographic Society of Sibu is holding various activities for the year, for its members to take part. these activities are either outing for members and photographic enthusiasts, or taking part in the festivals within Sarawak.
all those interested in the events listed below, are advice to check with the club.


1. 24--26/4(星期5--星期日): 沐膠祭海節攝影活動(籌備負責人:林禮長)
Mukan KAUL festival
2. 2--3/5(星期6--星期日): 海口漁村---布拉威攝影團(籌備負責人:Abang Khalif)
Belawai fishing village trip
3. 13--17/5(星期3--星期日): 姆祿國家公園攝影團(籌備負責人:許保德)
Mt. Mulu photography trip
4. 23--24/5(星期6--星期日): 世界豐收節慶典攝影團---古晉,砂拉越文化村(籌備負責人:林以善)
World Harvesting Festival in Kuching
5. 14/6(星期日): 美女模特兒攝影活動---石山銀禧公園(籌備負責人:許証荏)
models photography
6. 3--11/7: 婆羅洲文化節,及全國華人文化節攝影活動---詩巫城市廣場(籌備負責人:林良輝,謝必益)
Borneo Cultural Festival cum National Chinese Cultural Festival
7. 2--3/10(星期5--星期6): 中秋節慶祝攝影活動---詩巫城市廣場(籌備負責人:周日成)
Chinese moon cake festival
8. 10--11/10(星期6--星期日): 拉讓江賽船盛會攝影活動---詩巫快艇碼頭(籌備負責人:梁慶嶸)
Rajang Regatta
9. 26/10(星期1): 玉龍山天恩寺文化節攝影活動---烏也路16哩(籌備負責人:許保德)
Tien An temple celebration photography

Monday, April 27, 2009

photographers in action, Mukah KAUL 沐膠祭海節的攝影活動

詩巫攝影學會會員一行5人,於上週赴沐膠拍攝祭海節的活動.同時到處獵影,還跑到伊干,烏也,萬年煙,甘榜德廉等地去尋找攝影題材.此行收穫甚豐,大家滿載而歸. members of Photographic Society of Sibu, visited Mukah last week, and joined in the mood of KAUL celebration. they visited many other places, including Igan, Oya, Balingan, Kpg. Tellian, and took quite a lot of photos.
自拍失敗,時間太短,來不及反身已被拍下.這是在沐膠晶木渡假村外邊拍日出. self-timer's time setting is too short, that's the result. it was an early morning shooting of sun rise at Kingwood Resort Hotel.
詩巫電台在祭海節海邊設立一個臨時廣播站,並現場直播訪問周日成. Ah Chew was interviewed by SibuFM, at KAUL celebration site, Mukah beach.
周日成與詩巫電台廣播員張小姐合照. Ah Chew with his interviewer---Miss Chong.
在沐膠市附近的甘榜迪廉拍胡姬花. shooting Borneo orchids at Kampong Tellian, near Mukah town.

Sago 碩莪

碩莪---是砂拉越沿海市鎮沐膠的一項很重要農作物.也因此,碩莪成為沐膠的其中一個標誌.去到沐膠,很自然就會想到碩莪.碩莪,可製作各類可口食品和其他用品.而它的一項最大副產品,就是著名的"碩莪蟲".它可是許多人的桌上佳餚呢...talking about Mukah, a coastal town along the shore of Sarawak, facing the South China Sea, is its famous sago plants. sago plants can produce many delicious food and by-products. and one of its most famous by-products, is its worm, which grow in the trunk of the tree after cutting down.
碩莪蟲,有人喜歡,有人害怕. sago worms, it is delicious food if you like it.
沐膠河里的碩莪樹桐. sago logs submerged in the water.

Love our Earth, Burn the bush 燒芭---愛地球

究竟愛地球就燒芭呢?還是愛地球,製作酵素就夠了?這邊環保,那邊燒芭.這個地球,遲早被這些人玩完.要燒?哪,就一起燒吧...不要厚此薄彼哦 your Earth, continue burning your trees. for the sake of our oil palm economy, burning is a secondary consideration. want to burn? feel free to burn. after all, it is just a few bucks as penalty.
上週四傍晚,詩巫夜空一片烏黑,真的比黑夜更黑. this photo was taken last Thursday, during the height of the burning from just over the Igan river, near Sibu. the night sky is darkened further.
由三洋大廈27層外電梯拍的照片.燒芭是在詩巫對岸的順溪美祿地區進行.那邊有至少兩個大型油棕園. as taken from Wisma Sanyan. it was right across the river, very close to Sibu.
詩巫南蘭律午後,一片煙霧彌漫. in the afternoon sun, a view from Lanang road, Sibu. the sky was filled with smoke.
而可是昨天下午,在沐膠萬年煙路旁拍到的.油棕園公司那里還管得了甚麼環保,有乾柴就放把火燒了. this photo was taken yesterday afternoon, along the Mukah Balingan road. it seems that, all the culprits of bush burning are oil palm companies.

KAUL festival, Mukah 沐膠祭海節

今年沐膠祭海節上周熱鬧舉行,沐膠市酒店房間暴滿,一房難求.這個常年旅遊節目,雖然吸引了極多各方人物湧至,可惜已漸失傳統節慶味道. KAUL festival, Mukah was a big success, but lost its traditional essence. all the hotel rooms are fully booked during the celebration.
Pehin Sri Abdul Taib, Chief Minister of Sarawak, launched the celebration. 砂拉越首席部長泰益瑪目主持慶典推展禮.
Taib sawing a sago log at a boot. 泰益在一個攤位前鋸碩莪樹桐.
young and old dances during the opening ceremony. 舞者在開幕禮上跳起歡慶舞.
people playing on the traditional Malanau swing. 人們在馬蘭諾鞦韆上玩樂.
kites flying on the beach. 沙灘上放起風箏.
dancers enjoying themselves at the celebration. 一起舞起來.
elders of Mukah offering to the Gods of the sea. 馬蘭諾族長者主持祭海儀式.
young children waiting under the hot sun with their thick costumes. 孩童在炎陽下等著參加開幕式.旁邊的大人在為他們驅熱氣.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

牛鷺 cattle egret

lately, Sibu night sky can see hundreds of cattle egrets, settling down on tree top along Phalawan road, near the police HQ. only hoping that, Sibu Municipal Council would not be that hardworking, to cut down the branches of the trees.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

詩巫旅遊年 visit Sibu year

so, Sibu is going to have its own tourism calendar for the year. they include:
4月25日:愛地球日.詩巫城市廣場舉行.25 April, Love Earth day.(Sibu Town Square)
5月2-3日:砂拉越電單車公路賽.詩巫城市廣場旁車道.2-3 May, Sarawak Cub Prix Sibu series.(Sibu Town Square)
5月10日:馬拉松比賽.石山銀禧公園舉行.10 May, Bukit Aup Jubli Park Run.
5月23日:達雅節慶祝.詩巫民眾會堂舉行.23 May, Pesta Gawai.(Sibu Civic Centre)
6月:詩巫文化遺產中心開幕.舊市議會大廈改建完成.June, opening of Sibu Cultural Heritage Centre.(old SMC building at Wong Nai Siong road)
7月1日:拉讓江遊輪推展.詩巫晶木大酒店前碼頭.1 July, Launching of Pandaw River Cruise.(Kingwood Hotel wharf)
7月3-11日:婆羅洲文化節.詩巫城市廣場舉行.3-11 July, Borneo Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
7月3-6日:第26屆全國華人文化節.詩巫城市廣場舉行.3-6 July, 26th National Chinese Cultural Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
8月20-22日:詩巫美食節.詩巫城市廣場舉行.20-22 August, Sibu Food Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
8月22日:富雅各紀念廣場落成.愛蓮街福源堂旁.22 August, opening of Hoover Memorial Square.(Island road, Masland church)
8月22日-9月19日:齋戒月食坊.詩巫城市廣場.22 August-19 September, Bazaar Ramadan.(Sibu Town Square)
9月22日:開齋節慶祝.22 September, Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri.
10月2-3日:中秋節慶祝.詩巫城市廣場舉行.2-3 October, Lantern Festival/Moon Cake Festival.(Sibu Town Square)
10月10-11日:拉讓江賽船盛會.詩巫快艇碼頭舉行.10-11 October, Batang Rajang Challenge.(Sibu Express wharf terminal)
10月26日:玉龍山天恩寺文化節.烏也路16哩舉行.26 October, Yu Lon San Tien En Si Cultural Festival.(Oya road 16 miles)
12月1-31日:聖誕樹裝璜比賽.詩巫城市廣場.1-31 December, Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.(Sibu Town Square)
12月19日:聖誕節大遊行.詩巫城市廣場.19 December, Christmas Procession cum Carolling.(Sibu Town Square)
12月31日:迎接新年倒數慶祝會.詩巫城市廣場舉行.31 December, Year End Count Down.(Sibu Town Square)
Visit Sibu Year lauching is held last Saturday night, at Sibu Gateway.

Monday, April 20, 2009

長久懷念的夜晚 a night for long long remembrance

大哥大嫂明天就要結束這次返鄉省親之旅.一趟十多天的行程,在詩巫,泗里街,民都魯,美里,林夢之間往返和見到多年不見的家人和朋友.明天離開詩巫,到吉隆坡再多玩兩天,然後返回美國.今晚,大家在親善美食園來一頓聚餐敘離.大哥表示今年過後,將退休不幹了.我期待去到美國,坐上他的馬賽迪跑遍全美國.已對許多人提起,不過,別想我會邀請大家都去.我還要認真思考,採取行動,以便將胡思亂想化為事實.我們走著瞧吧.... after over 10 days stay in Sibu, Sarikei, Bintulu, Miri, Limbang, brother Chuong and Ah Ing will leave for KL, and stay for another 2 nights there, before they fly back to USA. tonight, we have a gathering at Muhibbah food centre, and bid farewell to them. brother said he is going to retired later this year, I anticipate to meet him in US, and moving roung the whole USA in his car. invitation has been sending out to many friends, unfortunately, I can only accept a few to this is big party. let's just dream about it for now. and hope that I really take up the challenge, and go ahead with my plan.

名廚上菜 the cook is busy

大哥一直說他的福州蝦麵很好吃,外孫女到處找他的拿手好麵.聽到耳朵出油,沒辦法,要考考才行.只好讓他破費煮一餐招待我們詩巫人.非止煮而已,還要現場監視,以免"代廚師"上場冒充.原來他的油麵要放入水煮,將麵味煮出來,所以口感特別不同.唔....果然有一手. my brother came back from USA for holiday with his wife (my sister-in-law). he boast of cooking good Foochow noodle, his grand daughter even ask for his special noodle when travelling with parents abroad. so, when you lister too much, you'll decide to take some action. as for me, naturally supervising him cooking the Foochow noodle, and give us a good, nice treat. he proves his point, and I learn something.

也是團圓飯 also a re-union dinner

大哥大嫂與兩名姪女合影.左為林艷,右為林芝. the 2 Sibu girls with brother and sister-in-law. at left is Emily, with Anna at right.
小弟與其他家人. Steve and the rest.
禮端與其他家人.他的小兒沒有來. Paul and the rest. Paul's youngest son is not around.
燒雞翅膀看來有一點焦. fry chicken wings cooked by brother Chuong.
魷魚一碗. and this is cuttle fish.
咖喱牛肉,看上去怪怪的. now, do this look like curry beef?

詩巫美食 Sibu delicacies

大哥大嫂在巴士總站附近一間飲食店享受ABC冰品. enjoy ABC at EverWin cafe, near Sibu bus terminal.
羅雜有吃過吧?外國回來,應該好好享受和美餐一頓. a really nice Rojek, a mix of fruits, vegetables and etc.
板麵通常是自的,相當可口. this BAN mee is a very special food, with the noodle home make.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

鄉下老家 wooden house in the village

陪同大哥大嫂,三嬸,堂弟,堂妹,及大嫂姨姨等人,到詩巫鄉下光華學校地區的老家看看。老家現在沒住人,只將土地出讓給人種果子。看著老屋子,無限回憶湧上心頭。 this is our old wooden village house which we once lived. most of the time, my 3rd uncle and his family, together with grandma, lived there. that is as far as I can remember. actually my Dad, and other uncles also lived there long long ago. now, the river bank just in front of the house is all but sand and trees.

二哥家午餐 lunch at Paul's home

禮端豐盛午餐招待大哥大嫂和我們,吃的人太少,食物一大堆。單單看一下就夠飽了。Paul prepared a big table of lunch for all of us. just look at the food, you feel full already.