Saturday, February 28, 2009

天涯海角有華商 Chinese business everywhere

有時你真不敢相信,全是馬蘭諾人的漁村,華人居然也跑來這里.不是為了幫助他們,反而是努力的賺他們的錢.華人做生意,真是無孔不入,這是最好的詮釋了.在拉讓江口的布拉威漁村,在新巫瑤那個遙不可及的馬來人邊疆小鎮,不僅有華人做生意,難以置信的,居然還是在講福州話.... believe or not, at any corners of Sarawak, or Borneo, you are bound to find some Chinese businessman, just doing business. and so they go to any place to make some money. at Belawai, a fishing village near the Rajang river mouth; at Sebuyau, a Malay small town near Kuching. you can find Chinese business man, and very often, they speak Foochow. you better believe it....
這就是在布拉威漁村的華人商店,共有2間. this is a Chinese shop at Belawai, there is another one near by.

涼衣架 clothes hangers

知道這是甚麼東西了吧?初見到這種竹子,還以為是甚麼樂器,因為有很多種以竹管製作的樂器,在布拉威這個落後的沿海漁村見到,自然第一個反應就是以為是樂器了.但是,沒有理由竹樂是如此方式掛著的.再看看旁邊涼著的衣服,哦....原來是自製涼衣架也....first time seeing these bamboos, thinking it was what sort of bamboo musical instrument. but when seeing the clothes hanging beside, realising it was actually bamboo made clothes hangers. this is one of those scenes you will see at the sea side fishing village of Belawai, at the Rajang river mouth.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

史賓迪政小土崩 Sebintek primary school soil erosion

Sekolah Kebangsaan Sg. Sebintek, a rural primay school, around 40km from Sibu town, is in fear of more soil erosion just outside the school fence. the school is away from the main road of Oya road, taking another 10 minutes by car toward the interior, at a hill top. there are 37 students and handful of teachers and staffs. the school head master reported the matter to the authority concern, which was a while ago, before the Chinese New Year holiday. but until now, although officers and JKR personnel have been inspecting the situation, nothing was done about it. due to the urgency of the matter, the authority should take prompt action, in case any untoward accident may happen.
這是史賓迪小學的校門.極右邊便是土崩的山坡地點. this is main gate of the school. the soil at far right gave way and fell.
由另一個方向望去,土崩情況確實不可輕視. as seen from another angle, the situation really need urgent action.

順合花園通路也漲水 flooding at soon hup residential link road

烏也路方向通向順合花園的捷道,想不到也會漲水,害我差點駕車不帶眼衝落去.還好距離尚遠,不然還要迫我的兩名搭客下車推車.怎搞的,一夜長命雨,詩巫傳統的低窐地區又是一片水汪汪. these photos taken at link road to Soon Hup residential park, near Oya road. the link road is really sinking all the time. when you are hurry these days, you better look far and wide, in case you may just rush into the flood water like me. luckily there is some distance, other wise...

部份飛機場路提升完成 airport road reconstruction partly finish

人們一直在抗訴詩巫飛機場路提升和改建雙程道工過程太過緩慢.只是,與其隨隨便便建後又破洞,如目前的巴拉路,重舖才一個星期,破洞又出現了.快...有時也沒有用.飛機場路提升的部份雙程道已完工了. the airport road reconstruction has been underway for a long time, many are complaining. I believe, taken more time to finish is always better than the sub-standard road, just like what we did at the moment at Pedada road, where one side of the road resurfacing and finished in just one week. now, you know what happened? pot poles are appearing already. can you believe that? part of the airport road reconstruction has finished.

馬航飛翼 MAS Wings

路過烏也路,順便跑到交叉路口山頂等看飛機,結果拍到"飛翼"降落又起飛.沒甚麼大事,看到天氣好,拍一張.不要說連一張飛機的相片都沒有. this is MAS Wings taking off at Sibu airport, this afternoon. passing by the hill top near the airport, just shoot.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

稻米收成 padi harvesting

這兩張圖是在詩巫阿越長屋背後的稻田拍攝.本來的目標是要拍長屋和武吉阿越山,不過,既然看到這些婦女在田地中收割,也就順便拍了一些.由于時間不是很適合,所以,只能說是濫竽充數.目前正是稻米收割的時候,到處都可見到這種收割場面.再過一個星期大概就可完工了. this is padi harvesting season, long house women of Bukit Aup, near Sibu, are busy doing their work.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

製米酒 Iban tuak making

達雅節又臨近,伊班人開始準備製作米酒tuak.製米酒的原料之一:製酒球,必須放在炎陽底下曬乾,以備使用. Gawai is closing in, local Iban folks are getting ready to produce their delicious drink--tuak. this lady drying her tuak making balls under the sun.
這一粒一粒的製米酒原料之一,看上去真還以為是魚丸呢...they look like fish balls, but much different.
曬乾的米酒丸,配上其他原料,放進乾淨的缸里,等待放酵和提煉出米酒tuak來. adding with some other ingredients, seal in a clean and tight container for one to two months, after fermentation, the famous Iban tuak is produced.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

修建漳泉亭 rebuilding Chang Chuan garden

還記得嗎?好多個月前,這個在大伯公廟外的漳泉亭,被大貨輪撞倒一個亭子.現在,終於展開了修建工程. this garden just beside Toa Pek Kong temple, Sibu, was knocked down by a vessel many months ago. now finally, the reconstruction work is underway.

甘幫風情 kampong near Sungei Merah

這個在詩巫新珠山背後,靠近西端河和伊干江交接處的甘幫,實際上是外來勞工建立起來的"家".彎彎曲曲的木板走道,讓你領會到外來一群辛酸的一面.一名主婦在甘幫內與孩子步行外出. this is a kampong of workers from outside Sibu. they settled at the river mouth of Sungei Seduan, at the junction with Igan river, near Sungei Merah town. the wood houses are connected with a shaky plain walk. a woman walking with her son.
兒童永遠是天真無邪的.有他們的地方,明天就充滿了希望.雖然目前暫時是居住在這種簡陋的鋅板屋,誰知有那麼一天,可能這里將由他們來掌管. children are always at the centre of focus, with them, there is hope for the future. who knows, they may be the leader of this place in time to come.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

低潮加淤泥 low tide and siltation

水患過後,詩巫現在是處在低潮期,拉讓江水位退得離譜的低,而且還讓人看到各個被淤泥堆積的江面情況. after the flood, Sibu now facing low tide, the water level at the river bank and water front is so low that, boats really "sit" on the river bank. and siltation situation can clearly be seen.
這是詩巫碼頭區昨天中午的水位. this is at the Sibu river front, the Limbangan stream is almost dry.
新珠山順溪美拉河與伊干江交接處,也是低到貨輪停泊在淤泥上. at Sungei Merah, at the junction of Seduan river and Igan river, low tide cause the boats unable to move.

Friday, February 20, 2009

放生 release the turtle back to water

一名男子在詩巫大伯公廟內膜拜,接著將50公斤重的鱉放歸大自然.他在鱉背上書寫『9833,放生,南無阿彌陀佛』. a man pray in the Toa Pek Kong temple, Sibu, and then release a 50kg turtle back to nature.
大鱉東張西望,相信已知道命運的安排,可以看看週圍是那一些善心人,以便將來好好報答各人.就不知有沒有看好拍照人,因為他躲在相機背後,看不到正面. the turtle look round, as if to make sure who are involve in it's release, in order to pay back their generosity. hope that it saw the photographer who took this photo.
鱉的腳都有尖趾,足見它的年齡不少了. the foot got sharp nail, proving this turtle must be very old.
善心人脆在神壇前虔誠膜拜,不知心中祈求甚麼? the man who bought and release this turtle, pray at the altar.
準備,放生了....這是在大伯公廟前碼頭上,一艘內河貨輪尾端上演的一幕. are you ready, let's the turtle back to where it belongs.
大鱉終於放入拉讓江的黃澄色江水中,一下子就消失無蹤. just in a split second, the turtle is gone, back to the yellowish water of the Rajang river.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"牛"劫 Cow scare

今年是"牛"年,偏偏有人對牛太敏感,看到牛就害怕.你看,拉讓江江口小漁村:甘幫拉讓的這名小童,本來是在踏著腳車,看到牛群,居然不知所措,及時丟棄腳車,爬上一座巴士車亭上. although this is year of the Ox, but it seems that, not all ox or cows are welcome, even in a place where children are suppose to be similar with cows. but this child in Kampong Rajang, some 17km from Tanjung Manis, a newly develop industrial zone at the mouth of Rajang river, is not so sure about it. when he ride the bicycle, he encountered these cows, he quickly drop his bicycle, and climb up a bus stop.

丹章馬尼:清真工業園 Tanjung Manis Halal Hub

我國首相阿都拉巴達威現在(下午4點40分)正在丹章馬尼清真工業園,為園區主持推展禮.這個清真工業園,距離丹章馬尼碼頭只有不到2公里的路程.園區範圍很大,一望無際,不過,目前看上去,除了已收拾乾乾淨淨的一大片土地,確實也是一望無際,一無所有,甚麼東西都沒有....the Prime Minister Ahmad Badawai is at present (4:40pm), at the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub, launching this project. the piece of land ear-marked for the hub, is just 2km from Tanjung Manis harbour. although it is a big place, but, at the moment, it is empty with nothing other than the land itself.
清真工業園計劃圖. the planning of the Halal Hub.
清真工業園的位置圖. location of the Halal Hub.
計劃倒很大,世界地圖有名,目前尚待起步.這個園區範圍達到16,000公頃土地. Halal Hub welcome all the visitors. this project is on a 16,000 ha piece of land.
來自沿海地區,布拉威和拉讓的居民紛紛出席參加開幕儀式. local residents from Belawai and Rajang, came by chartered buses.
拉讓江上下游地區居民也都乘坐快艇抵步. guests from Sarikei and else where are pouring in to the Rajang river mouth.
當局租用快艇載送兩岸居民和外地寶客參與盛典. express boats are chartered to carry passengers from both side of the Rajang river.
清真工業區,一望無際,一無所有. this is the site of Halal Hub, at present, nothing is there yet.
丹章馬尼各項發展計劃整裝待發.各相關機構早已設立和推動計劃的展開. all related agencies are there to make sure the projects will carry out smoothly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

民丹莪"羅雜" Bintangor rojak

三天去到民丹莪兩次,兩次都去品嚐40年歷史的黃氏"羅雜"---楊善報導的. went to Bintangor twice this week, and enjoy twice the famous Bintangor rojak.
聯合日報刊登的黃氏羅雜,由楊善所撰寫. this is a newspaper article written by Yong Sun in United Daily News.
抱歉,羅雜並不是拍攝焦點,只是拿來做插圖. sorry, the rojak is not the focus, just make use of it for your information.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

伊拉娃底富羅迪拉公司推展 拉讓江水上觀光客輪 Irrawaddy Flotilla Company present Rajang river cruise

伊拉瓦底富羅迪拉公司標誌. irriwaddy company logo.
將在拉讓江提供內河水上客輪服務的Pandaw客輪---RV Orient Pandaw. RV Orient Pandaw cruise boat.
詩巫河岸和沿江停泊的許多船隻. Sibu wharf and its river going boats.
RV Orient Pandaw客輪將提供的拉讓江旅遊景點圖. simple map of RV Orient Pandaw trip in Rajang river.
拉讓江內陸,擁有許多長屋,必然非常吸引遊客. long houses are tourists attractions for Rajang river.
加拿逸伊瑪古堡和其外的美人魚雕像. Kanowit Fort Elma and the mermaid in front.
RV Orient Pandaw客輪的觀景座位. RV Orient Pandaw guest rooms.


RV Orient Pandaw客輪



著名作家Redmon O'Hanlon曾著作了一本Into the Heart of Borneo書,船公司網頁介紹說,許多歐美人士,因為這本書而獲悉有關拉讓江的訊息.



following is the text in, introducing its company: With six luxury ships we are the largest river cruise company in South-East Asia. In 1995 we were the first to pioneer and explore the region’s great rivers and their tributaries: the Irrawaddy and Chindwin in Burma, the Mekong and Tonle Rivers in Cambodia and the backwaters of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
This year we open new routes on the Ganges in India and the Rajang in Borneo.
These small ships can penetrate remote and otherwise inaccessible areas. Whilst we offer a real adventure experience, travellers are cushioned with incredible comfort, fine dining, great cocktails and choice wines, not to mention extraordinary levels of service.
Our four boutique ships were built new and designed and finished as replicas of colonial river steamers. These small ships have the highest passenger to space ratio of any ships afloat.
Dining is single sitting with dress smart casual. We also have the highest staff guest ratio of any ship in the world to ensure an incredible level of care. It is more like being on a 1920s private yacht party than a cruise ship.
The much loved Pandaw staterooms are spacious at 15 square meters. Finished in traditional marine brass and teak, they have all necessary modcons. All cabins on main and upper decks open onto promenade decks with their own private seating.
A feature of all river cruises is the once or twice daily shore excursions led by expert local guides to explore Buddhist temples, historical sites, markets and handicraft workshops.
The Pandaws have an ultra shallow draft enabling them to moor where other larger ships could not stop. Inland water navigation in these regions is challenging and the Pandaws have been specially designed to cope with constantly changing river conditions.
Rudyard Kipling based his great poem ‘Road to Mandalay’ on the clunking paddles of Irrawaddy Flotilla Company paddle steamers. Over the past 150 years other poets and writers such as Somerset Maugham and George Orwell have celebrated the company and the river.
Successive Viceroys of India, the Crown Prince of Siam and King Edward VIII as Prince of Wales, are but a few of our former passengers. Today we continue to carry celebrities and royalty, but pride ourselves on treating every passenger the same regardless of fame or rank.

淤泥要開挖啦 siltation no more?

這是詩巫下游光華一帶的一處淤泥阻塞的江面.整段江被阻塞,已不適合船隻通行.如果要開挖淤泥,那倒是一件大工程.就讓我們期待挖江工程快快開展吧...this is the part of siltation at Rajang river, near sungei Sadik, at the river bank of Kwong Hua secondary school. the drainage and irrigation department is going to dig and remove the siltation. only hope that the work start as soon as possible.
拉讓江兩岸,許多地點都是這樣子,淤泥一大層,看了令人恐懼.過去河岸邊可以嬉水玩樂,現在,連踏上河邊都令人卻步. siltation at the river bank of Rajang river. this situation can be seen any where on the river bank.

大伯公廟慶元宵 Chap Ngo mey celebration

詩巫大伯公廟雲湖台,趁著元宵節而舉行文娛演出,吸引了眾多市民圍觀. Chap Ngo Mey cultural show, to mark the end of Chinese New Year celebration, was held last night at Tua Pek Kong temple, Sibu. many turn up to watch the performance.

Monday, February 9, 2009

聖之神宮來賀年 greeting from temple

詩巫聖之神宮獅隊向聯合日報賀年,在南蘭律報社門口舞起來. lion dancing in front of United Daily News office, at Lanang road, Sibu.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

中華路變成水鄉 tiong hua road, venice of Sibu

夠詩情畫意了.你來划船,我涉水步行.不要緊,即使河水高漲,還不至於要逃離這個地點.最多只是不乘車,不駕電單車,步行對健康也是很有益的.劉會洲曾表示要遷移中華路等一帶居民,以便在這里建一個湖,讓詩巫氣溫下降一點.可惜有兩個問題不能解決:1)住在這里的居民很多是外來者,他們多數只是租戶,屋主早早已搬到別處居住,留著屋子出租也有租金可收.2)由于不少屋主口袋就是嫌錢太多,不準備出賣這個靠近市中心的屋子,而且,要居民搬到蘭斗班江一帶,距離市中心十多廿公里,以為那兒可以因此趁機獲得發展,人口大幅增加.問題是,他的如意算盤未免打得太響一點,市中心地點換郊區,做生意也不可能做到這樣子,如何叫人相信呢? you row your boat, we do our walking. it is not bad walking, once a while. this show that, the portion of the road is really deep in the water. no cars can pass by. Robert Lau once suggested that, the people of this whole area, be moved to Rantau Panjang, so that, the place can partially turn into a lake. but what he forgot is that, most of the house owners no more staying there, the houses are rented out. for a place so close to town centre, being change to another place around 10-20km from town, what kind of calculation he has in mind?
中華路最著名的紅毛丹巷,在這次潮水高漲聲中,也不能避免的受到衝擊.mary坐著大車經過,不小心拍到了.這樣的水路,還是不跑好點. Rambutan lane of Tiong Hua road, this lane is well known to many, especially old Sibu-ians. taking picture of girls walking in the water, while Mary drive pass. what are you doing here, Mary? the water is quite deep, you know....
今早突發奇想,要到中華路看看水劫情況,以便有朝一日,或許也有機會出來競選,現在先做好功課.可惜沒有自拍,就差了這麼一點,不懂自我宣傳.走到半途,看到原來Clement Lee是住在這里.Clement,華文名李雨盈,當年曾做過英報記者,去年在中華路口附近摔倒後便昏迷和去世.他說在家開英文補習班,等看到他的家時,他早已走了好一陣子.人生....他家門口鐵籬芭上,仍然掛著英文補習牌子. this morning, taking a trip back to my memory lane, Tiong Hua road is where I grown up and stayed for many many years. now it is flooded, I just want to have a look at the situation, may be one day, I'm dreaming of standing for election for this place and its people. God's will....came upon the house where old friend and ex-journalist Clement Lee once stay and having his English tuition class. he passes away a year ago.