Thursday, July 24, 2008

砂拉越--參與組成馬來西亞45年了 Sarawak--helping in the formation of Malaysia for 45 years now

45年已過,砂拉越走到那里?感覺最多的,就是停滯不前的詩巫,及附近內陸地區.developing for 45 years now, only feel pity for Sibu and surrounding interior land, lacking behind in development.
懷念已逝的日子. the past years is now in the memory lane.
古老亞答葉屋頂的長屋,已難以看到了. long houses with atap roofing, is lost in time.
教育也已有了很大的改變. education system is much different now.
難忘"拉士貢"的日子,雖然有點亂,住在市區,最好常常戒嚴,不用上課. RASCOM, a memorial period of turmoil in Sarawak.
可能當年還小,不知道有這回事.掛白旗,除了代表投降,也可以尋求協助. never knew such thing going on then, as town kids, only happy with curfew, so that schools closed, and no class.
6任砂州州元首. 6 head of state until now.
45年了,首席部長才4人. after 45 years, we have only 4 leaders.
泰益瑪目,砂拉越現代化之父,帶領人民迎向一個新時代. Taib Mahmud, the father of modern Sarawak.
牆上的願景:希望這個目標能夠達致. working in one spirit, not forgetting others, especially interior of Sarawak.
人們在參觀砂拉越參組馬來西亞45年發展展覽. visitors to the development exhibition of 45 years development of Sarawak.
由原本的5個省,到現在的11省. we have 5 divisions, and now, 11.
今年尾將完成的砂拉越立法議會大廈.旁邊將出現不同的景觀,和一座大型花園. new Sarawak legislative council building, to be readied by the end of the year. changing the surrounding landscape, and a big botanic garden is coming along.

再見西里京 once again Serikin

four years ago, the road leading to Serikin was still sand and gravels, and now, it is already tar-sealed. opening only during Saturdays and Sundays, this border town is fast becoming popular tourists attraction. it is not advisable to go during holidays, due to long queue and lack of cars park. more and more hawker stalls coming up, practically an open supermarket---under the sky. Maxis's Red umbrella is covering that area, so is Celcom, under the Blue sky.
窗簾不錯,遊人都要看了再看.價錢?自己商量. curtain is a certain attraction.
玩具也很多.還沒長大的,快快買個夠吧. dolls are abundant for kids and all those unwilling to grow up.
窗簾再加個吊飾,挺吸引人的. curtains with decorative items.
露天攤販,靠天吃飯,遊人也需要帽子.這行最吃香. open sky supermarket, meaning, more hats need to be wore, so should be good business for those hawkers selling hats.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

藍天下的紅傘 covered by RED umbrella under the BLUE sky

在砂拉越邊境地區,現在,你也可以在藍天底下,感受到紅傘的遮蓋. now, even at the border town of Serikin, Sarawak, you are covered by the RED umbrella under the BLUE sky.

秋燕的菜園 Chew Yean's vegetable farm

Chew yean's home is not far from Batu Kawa and Bau T-junction. she grew up under the rambutan tree in front of her house, where she usually climbed up the tree branch, waiting for her father to return. under this kind of natural environment, she naturally is much more brilliant than many others.
沒有見過菜園和菜架,自然要攢進去看看.真一個巴剎佬. everything is fresh and raise a lot of curiosity, if you have not been to a vegetable farm.
住在鄉下,狗兒就是你的良伴.有狗在一起,你的安全感就自然提高.不過,訪客卻沒有這種感覺. living in village, dogs are your good friend. with them, you feel safe. but, not so for the visitors.

Monday, July 21, 2008

台灣天韻古晉獻唱 Taiwan's Heavenly Melody in Kuching

Heavenly Melody is a musical group from Taiwan, who through their songs, spread the love and hope of Christianity.
this group have been here for a few times, the present trip see them going through all the major towns in the state, with the last stop in Kuching last night, singing in the Trinity Methodist church, Jalan Ellis.
here are their performances in pictures.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

東林高爾夫球鄉野俱樂部 Eastwood valley golf & country club

Eastwood valley golf & country club, Miri, situated not far from new Miri Pujut roundabout flyover. as its name tells it all, this is a golf lovers resort cum hotel. stay overnight price is quite reasonable, starting with Rm128, to Rm228. it also provide restaurant and other services.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

聯合日報總社 HQ of United daily news

聯合日報總社座落在美里舊羅東大橋前面的十字路口,很容易找.尤其是,美里做為一座小城市,沒有幾條路,找不到還真是怪事. United daily news HQ is just in front of old Lutong bridge, easy to find the place. although declared a city status, Miri still considered to be "small", with a few roads only. if you are not careful, you might go round the same place for many times, just because, it is really SMALL !!!
聯合日報為外地員工提供了這座5星級獨立屋做為住宿,地點適中,離開報社又不遠.最大的問題,可能是飲食,因為附近看不到飲食場所. detached house for outstation staffs.

美里濱海城 Ulu Mulu restaurant

在美里河口海岸邊,濱海城和餐廳的建設,增添了這個地區的景觀.濱海城的計劃,在計劃書中是很突出的.可是到了這里,會發現地點確實很大,可惜一切都還那麼遙不可及.可能是還沒有全部完工吧.不過,它的餐廳和海馬燈塔卻開始顯得陳舊了. don't know how to name this place, but the restaurant is Ulu Mulu restaurant, a real high class restaurant, with lobsters imported from far away countries in the west. the seahorse lighthouse is a attraction, whether it works or not, is a second matter.
這座海馬燈塔建在海岸邊,是有它存在的價值,雖然太接近內陸了一點. the lighthouse, a little bit too close to the land.
濱海城高級餐廳,十一點過後才營業,確實高級了點.遊人只能在門外看看,也免得被削一刀. the restaurant is really "high". very traditional.
古色古香的濱海城餐廳,給模特兒拍照是最理想了. at least good for one thing, models photography is definitely an ideal place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

美里的新舊面貌 old and new faces of Miri

這是由美里演海城遙望parkcity等丹絨羅邦一帶海邊. looking toward Tanjong Lobang seaside, from Ulu Mulu estuary.
由帝宮酒店6樓遙望美里河. a view from the 6th floor of Imperial hotel, Miri.
新建的普諸高架大道上,可望見美里的木屋區,就在大路邊.這個木屋區在美里存在已久,足見發展背後仍有許多不為人知的心酸故事. beside the new flyover at Pujut roundabout, there remain squatters, who were there for a long time already. behind every development, there are the sad stories of the poor.
古老的羅東木橋,靠交通燈指示可否行車.這是美里古老的一個重要標誌.它的失蹤,將代表著美里的忘舊. this old Lutong bridge, is real old. traffic flow alternatively, controlled by the traffic lights.

動物的語言 animals in action

炎炎夏日正好眠."給我一點私人空間". don't disturb, please, sleeping time.
我有點醜,你還是站遠點. OK, I'm sort of ugly, so keep the distance.
媽,你受傷了,讓我幫你減輕痛楚. mom, you're hurt. let me lick your wound.
鹿兒的吻,有點特別嗎? a deer's kiss, real special.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

鱷魚皮 crocodiles' skins

nice crocodiles' skins for sale, though not cheap. if you really likes it, no matter how expensive, you will manage to get it, in one way or another. just like men chasing after girls....

鱷魚的面貌 faces of the crocodiles

你能夠理解嗎?鱷魚的嘴臉會是這樣的? crocodile looks like this, can you believe it?
當它們為吃而爭時,結果往往是這樣的. now you see, how they fight for food, and the consequence?
Pauline在一個鱷魚池上觀賞凶鱷. Pauline at the crocodiles pond.
其中一個鱷魚觀賞台的入口. entrance to one of the observatories of the crocodiles farm.
小心,這是它的產蛋區. beware, she is guarding her eggs.
遺憾的是,雖然小心保管了,鱷蛋仍然被人類偷走. unfortunately, crocodiles eggs still easily taken away by human.

美里鱷魚園 Miri crocodiles farm

Miri crocodiles farm is no way comparable to Kuching Jong's crocodiles farm. but, the crocodiles skins is better than Jong's. further more, they sell crocodiles meat, which is not available in Kucning.
美里鱷魚園前的標誌雖然說是歡迎,但是我們沒有這種感覺. in front of the farm's logo. seriously, I don't feel like being welcome.
這是砂拉越美里的鱷魚先生. Mr. crocodile is here....
阿奇"伉儷",由海馬做紅娘. Mr. and Mrs. Ah Chee, match making by the seahorses.