Tuesday, September 30, 2008

360酒店 360 hotel

古晉福利商業中心旁的這座360酒店,名字怪怪的,也不見有甚麼宣傳,是近期開始投入營運的酒店.它是屬於福利中心的其中一棟大廈,過去好像是公寓,現在增加了酒店.這是由福利中心頂樓透明屋頂拍下的酒店外觀. this is 360 hotel, a very special name, at Hock Lee centre, Kuching. the hotel just started business, which was a condominium before it added the hotel business. the picture was taken through the roof top of Hock Lee centre.

揮一揮手:珍重 it's time to say goodbye

this picture was taken beginning of the month, when I secretly bought a new wide angle lens, in See Hua Daily News HQ, Crown Towers, Kuching. after 23 years with See Hua, from November 1985, you can imagine I should be a little bit sad to leave this place. nevertheless, as it was said, there was no feast without ending. when time comes, you just need to go. so, friends, let's just say "goodbye", see you next time. 由1985年11月起,在詩華日報工作了整整23年,在終於有機會離開時,不能不承認,確實有點不捨.不過,天下沒有不散的筵席,就讓我們說聲"珍重"...希望後會有期.這張相片是月初在偷偷買了一粒超闊鏡頭後,在詩華日報古晉皇冠大廈二樓新聞中心,自拍下的紀念照.朋友們,就讓我揮一揮手吧......see you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

13個名字的"領帶蘭" a plant with 13 names

I really appreciate all those 13 of them, together they bought this "neck-tie" orchid for me to remember with. I only know their names in Mandarin, so, shall write their names in Chinese. 我感激13名詩華日報同事的有心,買了這棵"領帶蘭"胡姬花送給我做紀念.他們是黃育福,Mervyn Jong,吳維康,黎嘉言,鍾嘉玲,劉秋燕,何曉芬,林峻平,陳碧心,吳詩秋,黃碧珊,劉郁彬,蔡尚益.謝謝大家.我會珍惜這棵胡姬,確保它長出芬芳的花朵來.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

開齋時間 breaking the fast

if you ever have a chance to break the fast with Muslims, you will definitely understand Islam more, especially when waiting on the dinner table for the sound of prayer from the mosque or surau, thanking God and announcing the break of the fast. it is a very special experience for non-Muslims, do it once or more, you'll realise it is not easy to eat nothing for one whole month during day time, and have to wait patiently for the break of the fasting.
up till now, I only have the chance to break the dinner with Muslims around me for just once. I would definitely like to gain more of this experience.
好了,準備開齋了,來買食物吧. the food hawkers are ready to serve you, just the food, not eating yet.
大大的螃蟹飯,應該沒有吃過吧?這次讓你大開眼界了. big crabs with fried rice, it is going to be a very memorable dinner.
整大鍋的印度咖哩飯,夠大家吃,應付得了大夥兒的需求. now, this is Indian curry rice, a big container of it, plenty for everyone.
在美麗的齋戒月燈飾前. beautiful fasting month lightings.

Monday, September 22, 2008

月滿貓城 moon-light night in Kuching

古晉華總上周末假南市前廣場,舉辦了"月滿貓城"慶中秋活動.這是該會常年重要的一項活動,藉以歡慶這個重要的華人節日,同時與古晉各族人民同樂. the United Chinese Association of Kuching, held a mid-Autumn celebration at the premises of MBKS, last Saturday night. it was a night of lanterns and singing, dancing. mid-Autumn or moon cake festival is celebrated by the Chinese, and is considered an important occasion in the Chinese calendar.

巴彎阿山中學學生宿舍 Bawan Assam secondary school students' dormitory

巴彎阿山政府中學學生宿舍外,掛滿學生的衣服在太陽下曬乾,形成一幅獨特景觀.這間中學,在去年曾鬧了一陣子,是因為一名華人女老師管理過嚴,鄉區伊班學生不習慣循規蹈矩的宿舍生活,結果女學生整堆人被罰站在水池中,相片被一名保安偷偷拍了交到報館刊登.由于從來不曾見過這類處罰,而蔚為奇觀,引起社會一番議論,令到女老師有理說不清.不過,還好此事是圓滿解決. this is Bawan Assam secondary school students' dormitory, where their clothes were hang under the sun to dry. this is the place where there was a turmoil among local Iban folks, because their children were instructed to stand in a pond under the sun, as a punishment. luckily the Chinese lady teacher finally reconciled with the parents, thus settled the really small matter.

Monday, September 15, 2008

詩巫的明月特別圓 it's a full moon in Sibu

it is always good to be back home, to celebrate any festive season. this year, I'm back in Sibu, celebrating mid-Autumn festival, eating moon cakes, enjoy a sumptuous dinner with family members, at the same time, join in the mood of a celebration at the "Kutien Association memorial park" of this very special occasion. I managed to take some "Best" shots, for the interest of all bloggers.
一輛明月掛天空,此景最令人懷念特別多. full moon appear near the Chinese pagoda, what a beautiful mid-Autumn.
詩巫的"西湖".景色如何? it looks nice if you're at the place, but don't really feel it through picture. the difference is the atmosphere. you get my point?
來猜個燈謎吧.有紅包拿哦....traditional Chinese quiz, usually guessing the meaning or certain word in Chinese.
頭頂和地上皆是紅紅的燈籠,這個中秋好特別噢. red lanterns, enjoy the festive mood.
古田紀念公園的大牌樓前,龍隊正在盡情的表演. dragon performing at the entrance to the park.
天下沒有不散的筵席.在燦爛的煙花照亮下,人們盡性而歸.一項計劃正停留在口上:即是要舉辦一項大型中秋燈籠盛會.就讓我們拭目以待吧... always the finale, with fireworks display above the pagoda.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

慶中秋 猜燈謎 Mid-Autumn lanterns quiz

Chinese celebration of lantern festival, with very special quiz competition. hints are written on papers, hang from the lanterns, anybody can read the hints, and give their answers. correct answers get their "Ang Pow"--monetary prize.

Friday, September 12, 2008

今年的中秋特別"濕" it's a wet mid-Autumn festival

Kuching Carpenters street, is the place for annual mid-Autumn festival celebration, with the setting up of many stalls, selling food and decorative items for the occasion. this year's celebration period a bit short, with rain pouring down adding to the spirit of festive mood. Kuching photo art society make arrangement for a fairy coming from "moon" , unfortunately, on her way, she was welcomed only by the rain.

跨夜生日"爬地" mid-night birthday party

our young and energetic friend, Lee Chew, celebrate his birthday on 9/11, when New york and Washington mourn the 7th anniversary of terror attack on their homeland, he makes sure that, life is fully enjoyed and celebrated. 25 years old now, just married a few months back, in Bintangor, his home town, Lee Chew joined the See Hua Daily News, as a new member of this big family.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

月餅風情 moon cakes festival

the longest arranged moon cakes in Kuching!!! this year moon cake festival is certainly very interesting.
I join the Ramadhan and moon cake festival in Kuching, but celebrate Hari Raya and the Chinese reunion festival in Sibu.
Kuching for one thing, a lot of activities for public to take part, very much different from associations and clubs, where only members are entertained.
這兩個大頭娃娃,看來在本地越來越冒出頭來了,到處可見. this two figures are becoming popular these days in local scene.
排列最長的月餅?是嗎...longest arranged moon cakes? I really have doubt.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

吃麵線 說再見 saying goodbye with the Foochow noodle

婆羅洲高原,文莪甘幫,山都望山只爬了一半,山都望公主海濱沙灘,達邁海邊...等等,都總算到過了.連古晉10里巴達旺市,以及其豬籠草、野胡姬花公園,附近的史蒙固野生動物中心的人猴orang utan全都見過面了.
今年開齋節是我離開古晉的日子,也學回教徒balik kampong.當年馬來天皇巨星蘇迪曼的那一曲o...o...o...balik kampong,我今年也要學唱了....
a group of six of us, moving from Sibu to Kuching on 23rd of April 2004, just to set up See Hua Daily News head office in Kuching. until today, four of us has left or in the process of leaving, including my humble self. I will go home and celebrate Muslims' Hari Raya this year.
four and a half year in Kuching, working conditions the same, but not settling down.
I likes Sibu, my home town, I grown up there, have many friends and memories. I feel safe and comfortable there, can be Big brother, know where to go, whom to meet....
nevertheless, it is really a life experience in Kuching, making a lot of new, young, and energetic friends. they are inspirational to me, make me feel at home.
I try to visit as many places as I could in Kuching, including Bau, Tasik Biru, Serikin, Kota Padawan, wild orchids and pitcher plants garden, Semonggoh wildlife sanctuary and orang utan, Borneo highland, Bungoh kampongs, Mt. Santubong, beaches, Buntol, Lundu and rafflesia, Samatan, turtles island, and etc....
the late Malay superstar Sutirman's song, balik kampong, this is the song I gotta to sing this year...
And for my friends and some colleagues, we have a gathering and enjoyed Foochow noodle with chicken soup, mix with Foochow red wine, a delicious Foochow food, a way to bit goodbye to them.
my friends in Kuching, see you in Sibu.
and so... enjoy the Foochow noodle....

吃完麵線,還要跑到後門,不是走後路,乃是要將一些花送給大家做紀念吧...after the noodle, always go to the back door for extra....just a few pots of flower.