Sunday, August 31, 2008

45+51的慶祝 celebration of 45 & 51 years

砂拉越和沙巴參組馬來西亞45周年,獨立51周年.這兩個數目遊戲至今仍在玩味.這是歷史,不必特別強調甚麼,只要沒有錯.古晉昨晚舉行盛大晚會迎接國慶,今早又在州體育館舉行檢閱儀式.全民歡慶國慶,大家高喊Merdeka. Sarawak and Sabah, together with Malaya federation, joined and form Malaysia, and this year is its 45th anniversary. but the Merdeka day is already in its 51st anniversary. as long as the history is correct, there is no point to emphasize to much on the complexity of its nature. lets all Malaysians join in the celebration of the national day.
燃放煙花迎國慶. fireworks light up the sky of Kuching.
盡情舞起你的歡樂吧. lets dance to celebrate.
旗幟飛揚. flags fly high in the state's sports stadium.
全民共慶,盡情歡樂. everybody join in the celebration mood.
空中飛翔員參與慶祝. paragliders in the sky.
這一家庭最效忠,全身是國旗. this family members wear the national flags.
古晉州體育館一片人海. people of Kuching celebrates the national day at the state's sport stadium.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

邊疆生活面貌 life style at the border

those living and making business at the border town of Serikin, Kuching, are dealing with livelihood and family, taking care of the business and family members at the same time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

素食不代表環保 vegetarian but not environmental friendly

if I have any comment about Borneo Highland, I would say, this place practice organic farming, beautiful landscape, supply only vegetarian food, it is unfortunately, really not environmental friendly. big piece of land developed into golf course, millionaires villas every where, helicopter is provided for the convenient of their transport. looking around, bush burning here and there. patches of land darkened by the burning, just among the green surrounding.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

人間仙境 heaven on earth

borneo highland, in the heart of Kuching, surrounded by forest. this is really heaven on earth. at least for Sarawakians, a place of coolness and among the clouds. when "fairies" appeared in this place, you beg, it is heaven on earth.
仙女下凡,美若天境.fairies on the highland.
脫下鞋,放下憂慮:洗洗腳,潔淨心境;低下頭,人人平等. take off your shoes, leave your worries behind;wash you feet, cleanse your hearts; bow your heads, everybody is equal.
書中自有黃金屋,書中當然也有白馬王子囉....big book, with BIG hope, looking for the prince of their lives.
這是拍婚紗照的場景,大家都有機會. the bridal stand, where you share your memorable moment in life.
疲倦了,睡一下休息吧. tired, just take a rest.
快樂的年齡. enjoy yourselves on top of the world.
我們處身白雲間,忘卻世間煩悶. among the clouds, where you forget all your worries.
3281呎,婆羅洲高原的最高點. highest point on the Borneo Highland, at 3281 feet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

尼亞鎮路口鬧哄哄 busy stopover of Batu Niah

you would not believe, at the junction of Batu Niah, where travellers take a break, and have their meals, on both sides of the road, business seems to be good, as businessmen set up their BIG shops, just for you and me.

上兩張相片是路一邊的石山飲食中心. on one side of the road, is this Batu Niah food court centre.

另一邊,則是吳氏的飲食和商業中心,還設有超級市場. the other side of the road, is Ngu's food and business centre, with supermarket.

油棕枯樹 dead oil palm trees

you may have never seen it before, but these are not monument of the dead, they are dead oil palm trees, put to death, in order to plant new trees.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

砂拉越放風箏創紀錄 new record for kites flying simultaneously in Sarawak

砂拉越民都魯舉辦了一項放風箏盛會,同時讓3000人放風箏20分鐘. a new record of kites flying simultaneously for 20 minutes was created last week end in Bintulu, Sarawak. 3000 kites fly under the bright day light.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

砂拉越原住民婦女 Orang Ulu women

你有這種機會與原住民婦女來張合照嗎?所以說,這可是本人一張最值得回味和珍惜的照片哦.她們最吸引人的,當然不是外貌,而是快將「失傳」的長耳朵. do you have the chance of taking a photo with the Orang Ulu women ? no, I believe. that's why, this photo is definitely very precious to me. they are naturally not pretty with their age, but truly are pretty with their culture of having their ears pulled to such length.

Monday, August 18, 2008

她們的長耳朵 their long ears

these Sarawak inland ladies has long ears, which is quickly vanishing nowadays.

他們全家出動 they move the whole family

they move the whole family in a boat, to take part in the community celebration of Baram Regatta. they are the long house folks of the Baram river.

峇南國際龍舟節 Baram International Regatta

Baram river has been a battle ground, where different races of the upper reaches of Baram, their warriors in the long boats, fighting against one another. but now, there is no more war, only the competition, by rowing their long boats. Baram Regatta is a very spectacular occasion, not only with the long boats pedalling competition, but also display of traditional costumes and cultures.
河上划得不亦樂乎,岸上也是高聲呼喊不斷. cheering the competition.
長舟在河上競逐. long boats compete against one another.
奮鬥到終點. fighting to the finishing line.
這叫做河上的文化表演. cultural performance on the river.
不同的民族,所呈現的也不盡相同. different race has their typical style and costumes.
各民族演員都是渾身解數演出. presenting their best for the spectators.
華人呈現的火龍舟. Chinese fire dragon boat.
開幕禮上的傳統服務表演. traditional dance for the opening ceremony.
為大馬和砂拉越歡呼. 3 cheers for the Merdeka.