Friday, April 4, 2008

詩巫的電單車 motorcycles in Sibu

這張相片,實際上不能表達出詩巫電單車究竟有多少.由于市中心的窄小,交通阻塞是不能避免的事.加上附近又密密麻麻的許多早年發展的房屋,造成詩巫市中心根本無法擴展和改良.電單車因此成為較為方便的交通工具.不過,這些年來,詩巫外圍也沒有建造多少新路,或未能適當擴建一些通向郊區的道路,而在汽車大量增加的過程中,可見的路都是車輛,交通嚴重阻塞.要想改良,雖然是頭痛的事,卻是急不容緩的. road transport is a big problem and headache in Sibu. with the crowded population living in a small area around town centre, new road is minimal, widening takes a long time, more vehicles coming all the times. the alternative ? many resort to using motorcycles to move around in town centre. this photo of the motorcycles parking in front of the central market, did not tell the actual true story of the "population" of motorcycles, and the crisis of Sibu transport.

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