Wednesday, April 30, 2008

倫樂公共設施也有華文招牌 signboard in Chinese as well

Lundu, less than an hour drive from Kuching. not really much things to see. but, it has Gunung Gading, where you can admire one of the world largest flowers--Rafflesia. there is sea beach, but away from town centre. and above all, there are signboards, where even Chinese characters can be seen, when there is the saying that, not much Chinese characters you can see on signboards of government in Kuching area. obviously, this is not true.
倫樂市鎮中心可見到一座新建成的華人廟宇,其旁是小販飲食中心. a Chinese temple in the middle of the town, beside a hawkers centre.
洋雜攤位前的招牌,可以看見華文字.sundry market with Chinese characters, not a rare scene.
倫樂河旁,這個小漁舟景觀不錯吧?fishing boats by the waterfront.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

古晉屋價大跌 price of houses going down in Kuching

the price of houses in Kuching is going down. this is true, although the prices of all the materials are going up. it only show that, the contractors really make a lot of monies. supply is more than demand, is the real reason behind all these.
these houses at 17km, Jalan Batu Kawa, the appearance looks really nice and attractive. unfortunately, lack of buyers, force the contractor to lower the price.
with the concern of house breaking and robbery, obviously, these houses need to improve the security measures.
but, with the pricing dropped for around 70 thousand, what else do you ask?

Monday, April 28, 2008

石隆門:甘榜登巴旺沙務 Kampung Tembawang Sauh, Bau

kampung Tembawang Sauh, Bau, is around 20 minutes drive from Kuching, at the junction of Batu Kawa and Lundu road.
this is a Bidayu kampung, who were migrated from Kalimantan, Indonesia, years ago. from 1988, they built a memorial site on top of the 1000 feet hill at the back of the kampung, and so celebrate this day on 1st of May, every year.
if you are free of that day, may be, you can consider visiting this kampung. road signs are being erected at the entrance, visitors are welcome.
山頂居高臨下,觀望整個甘榜. a glance of the kampung from the top of the hill.
山頂上設立的紀念碑. a memorial sign, telling the history of the kampung.
男孩與狗,都向山上爬. boys and dog climbing up the hill.
這片竹林,美極了. a bamboo jungle, so nice.
山頂設施一瞥. installations in the hill.
竹筒引水解渴. drinking fresh water through bamboo pipe.
山頂高原. home at the highland.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

砂拉越再生能源走廊《圖解》 SCORE in pictures

Sarawak corridor of renewable energy--SCORE, is another developing plans, from Tanjung Manis, at the river mouth of Rajang river, along the coastal of central Sarawak, towards Mukah, and Bintulu, and Similajau.
through pictures, know more by looking at,and reading about the explanations given.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

三馬丹海濱和龟島 turtle island and the beach of Sematan

the turtle island is just across the water at Sematan. it looks near, but takes over one and a half hours by fishing boat to get there. it is a protected area under the Sarawak Forestry corporation. going there need to get permission. it has no overnight facility.

金輝蠶桑農場 Zuhrah Pelangi Silk farm

there is a silk farm at Sematan, over 100km away from Kuching. it is close to Sematan town, do welcome visitors. but make sure you come at the right time: from 9am to 4pm, I believe not including Saturday and Sunday, or public holiday. it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation--SEDC, a government privatized company. Eastern Empress silk sdn. bhd, is 4.7km away from the main road. you see the difference of the two names, one at the main road, and the other to the entrance.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

獨立廣場商業中心 Plaza Merdeka

another major commercial centre coming in this city of Kuching, the construction of Plaza Merdeka. with the project going on, a central road was closed to traffic, very big business.

古晉BDC高架大道 Kuching BDC flyover

Kuching BDC flyover interchange, is a major breakthrough of the traffic jam at the airport and residential area. the construction of another flyover is suppose to start in February, did not materialised, with a lot doubts in public minds.
由輝盛住宅區朝機場方向行走,通向高架大道. this is from the direction of Hui Sing residential area toward the airport.
高架道底下向上望. a view below the flyover.
由BDC住宅區朝飛機場方向而來. from BDC residential area toward the airport.
來自飛機場的車輛行經高架大道. from airport toward the flyover.
高架道中央的鐵製犀鳥--砂拉越州鳥. the iron hornbill structure in the middle of the flyover.
高架道底下被美化成花圃. flower garden beneath the flyover.

遙控車 也瘋狂 mad with the remote cars

Crown Square shopping mall organise a remote controlled cars competition today. under the hot hot sun, only the enthusiasts and photographers are that mad to join in the mood and madness.
來吧,先禮后兵,先來張全體照. a group photo before actions.
各就各位,準備好,要開賽了. get to your starting point, we are about to start.
賽車有問題?機械師即刻採取行動. any problem? check it up now.
不要小看它,又要油,又要電的 need to have battery charged and lubricant oil.
來吧,開始行動了. ready, ready....
好,綠旗升起,開始啦....are you ready? here we go....
像不像F1的比賽? this really look like F1 race.
小心點,不可技術錯誤,不適當地點不可超車. don't overtake at unsuitable place.
哪,沖上轉彎圈了,這要扣分的. now you see, this will cost you penalty.
嘩,好宏偉的賽場呀! waoh, what a magnificent racing ground.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

古晉"仙特拉"--交通樞紐 Kuching Sentral--public transport terminal

Kuching Sentral is coming up at mile 6.5, Kuching Serian road. this Rm60 million project, including a piece of land, and the construction of a dual carriage road, leading from the airport to mile 6.5, may be the price of most of the cost. and believe it or not, Kuching Sentral itself is just a simple transport terminal, which could accommodate buses, taxis, hired vans and market stalls, and etc...
actually it is just a more modern bus terminal, with better location may be, and a grand name. so, in another 20 months time, this project will only materialised.
if you ask ting pek khing, he might said he could finish it within a year, because the whole project include widening of mile 6.5, dual carriage way from airport, and the terminal. go and look for yourself, it is only within a radius of half a mile.
nevertheless, something new coming is always good for the development of Kuching. not like Sibu, you don't expect something to come up like this now and then. give it an interval of every 10 years, may be.
由機場建造一條雙行道通向六哩半. the dual carriage way from airport to mile 6.5.
古晉仙特拉建造地點. the site of Kuching Sentral.

西連甘榜好風光 great scenery of Serian kampongs

if you ever take a drive around the inland road near Serian town, Sarawak, you will find beautiful scenery. kampongs below the hill, is just one magnificent and breath-taking view. different life styles, living environments, cultures, will transform into different experiences. go and have a look and experience for yourself.
風下之鄉,山腳下的農戶. kampongs on the foot of the hill--majestic.
養雞人家. chickens rearing.
整片的種菜地. vegetables farm.
峭壁懸崖. hilly scenery.
良好,平坦,但漫長的山路. fine road, only a bit too long, no ending.