Monday, March 3, 2008

公正黨選民集會 Keadilan meet the people

公正黨實坦賓選區候選人施志豪昨晚在雨中假京城商業中心會見選民,吸引了數百人在場聆聽演講.該黨還請來了倫樂馬來族老師,以流利華語發表演講,博得了聽眾的熱烈掌聲.Keadilan Stampin parliamentary candidate See, last night held a meet the people session at King's centre, which attracted a few hundred listeners. they even get a Malay teacher all the way from Lundu, to give a speech in Mandarin, with loud applause from the participants.
施志豪在巨大宣傳海報前發表演講. See gave a speech in front of a big banner.
現場數百聽眾留心聽演講. hundreds of participants listed attentively.
來自倫樂的馬來族教師發表演講.Malay teacher from Lundu gave his speech.

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