Thursday, March 6, 2008

旗幟飄飄看國選 flags & banners: it's election time !

have you decide who to elect, on the polling day? with the day closing in, with just 2 days to go, lets just look at these flags and banners, and make up our minds.

公正黨說:楊昆賢應讓賢,溫利山已是州議員.讓施志豪成為國會議員. Keadilan says: Yong should go, Voon already a state legislative member, choose See into the parliament.
施志豪說:獨佔國州,火箭議員太貪心. See said, DAP is stingy, by representing in the State and the Parliament.
這條大佈條,看了令人震動. this is really a very big banner.
馬丹甘榜國陣旗屋.a house at Matang flying the BN flags.
這間是公正黨支持者的地方.this house belongs to the Keadilan.
P.194好大的眼睛. big eyes at a house in Matang.
各黨旗幟在砂督橋附近飛飄.parties flags flying high near the Satok bridge.
河邊小販中心的布條在告訴你一個訊息? the banners tell you anything?
古晉希爾頓酒店前,大大的布條在宣揚人聯黨的理念.in front of Hilton hotel, Kuching, is this big big banner.
"孩子,別怕"--創意宣傳. children, have no fear? so says this poster.
誰對誰非,選民自有分吋.what is right or wrong? up to you.
飛吧,孩子,飛上青天,別忘了老爸老媽. children, you can fly high, but don't you forget your parents.
峇哥甘榜前的國陣旗子滿天飛.sampen at Bako village.
峇哥也有公正黨的旗子.Keadilan have its flags at kampong Bako as well.

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