Saturday, March 22, 2008

不一樣的鱷魚園 another look at the crocodiles farm

visiting a place in different times, can means many differences, including its name. Jong's crocodiles farm is now including animals.
紅色蜻蜓停在鱷魚背上。red dragon fly on the back of a crocodile.
"餓"魚又跳又張開大口,還是搶不到吃。 the crocodile jumping for food with vain.
大蚸蜴伸長舌頭尋找食物。monitor lizard looking for food as well.
孔雀撫弄它的羽毛。the peacock busy with its further.
鸚鵡在忙著為它的山羊朋友清腳。the parrot at friend with the goat, its really a rare scene, isn't it ?

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