Monday, March 31, 2008

西里京快速成長 Serikin is fast developing

Serikin is fast becoming a big attraction for tourists from local and foreign countries. more and more people flooding to this border town near Bau, an hour drive from Kuching city. more stalls are coming up, more parking spaces are available for cars, tour buses, even containers. it is believe that, the containers are meant for goods to keep when not in operation during week days. Serikin market operates only during Saturdays and Sundays.
鏡子鏡子,我應該還可以吧? mirror, mirror, I should be OK, am I not?
朋友,這里不錯吧 ?friends, this place is quite interesting, yes ?
草席很受歡迎. many buy mats for home use.
天氣熱,草帽也很受歡迎. the weather is hot, so hats are most welcome.
攤位向邊界方向延伸. more stalls stretching toward the border.
市場物品應有盡有.vegetables, fruits, anything you want, you can get here.
大包小包帶回家. carry as many as you want.
貨櫃箱一整排,顯示發展正在迎頭趕上.containers line the parking lot, a sign of development.

水蛭成新寵 medicinal leech

obviously, leeches has become medicinal worm in this part of the world. people tends to let this blood sucker suck their wound, in order to cure them. leeches were sold at border town of Serikin in Kuching. they are king size leeches.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

詩巫的三輪車夫 the trishaw in Sibu

trishaw is considered old trade anywhere, especially in Sibu, this trade is slowly fading away. old folks in the business remain as the only promoters, where no tourists need their service, they exist only through providing a little transport for ordinary goods.

詩巫美食:光餅 Sibu very own Foochow cake: Gong Bea

Foochow famous food, a type of cake make solely with flour. they call it Gong Bea, literally "hot cake". after making it into the shape required, pasted it on the inside of a pan and baked it. it is this cake that, until today, still popular among the Foochow, and always were good treat for friends. while in Sibu, make sure you try this cake, otherwise, you were not in Sibu yet.
搓麵粉作光餅. preparing flour to make Gong Bea.
貼在內爐烤乾. pasted it inside a pan.
短時間內就可烤熟享口福了.within minutes, it is ready to eat.

春福在古晉清明 Choon Hock grandfather's grave in Kuching

Sibu sungei merah henghua Ling choon hock, came to Kuching every year during Chinese tomb festival, to pay respect to his grandfather, who died in 1956, and was buried at the back of now James Brooke memorial hospital, at Borneo highland. the late Ling ah tai, who came to this place to preach Christianity, was buried there after he died.

板督小鎮 Pantu town

古晉前往斯里阿曼途中,未抵達拉騷前,會經過一個小鎮入口,那就是板督,距離路口有6.3公里,一個很小的鄉鎮.鎮上只可看到一座木板商店.on the way from Kuching to Sri Aman, not far away from Lachau rest station, is a small town Pantu, 6.3 km away. it has only a row of wooden shops.
前往板督的大路牌.entrance to Pantu.
一排木板商店.a row of wooden shops.

民丹莪拉曼學院 bintangor TAR college

Bintangor TAR college is situated just 2 km from the town centre, on a piece of land 264 acres. with its building, everyone in the central region of Sarawak hope that, it will successfully bring about development for this small town.
拉曼學院院址前的大型看版. TAR college site by the road side.
民丹莪市中心一座標誌性建築物,也即是丹斯里陳伯勵為紀念其父親而建的陳章壽大廈. a building in Bintangor, which was built by Tansri Ting Pek King.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

蘭璋瀑布 waterfall at Ranchan

Ranchan waterfall is around 63 km from Kuching, 3 km from Serian. this is a place for family outing, especially people who love swimming and barbecue. you will surprise to find so many children jumping from the rock above, into the water, which is really very attractive to photographers.

再見人猿 my friend--orang utan

古晉史蒙固野生動物中心的人猿,大概可以說是我的朋友了.雖然我不知道它們的名字,不過,倒也去看它們好多次了.每次去,都是帶著朋友或親人的. 每一次也有不一樣的經歷.看,它們多快樂.
the orang utan of Semongoh wildlife centre are becoming my friends, although I don't know much about them. after more than 10 visits to this centre, you will know more about their lives. and, every visit is definitely different from the other. see how it enjoy it's life.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

不一樣的鱷魚園 another look at the crocodiles farm

visiting a place in different times, can means many differences, including its name. Jong's crocodiles farm is now including animals.
紅色蜻蜓停在鱷魚背上。red dragon fly on the back of a crocodile.
"餓"魚又跳又張開大口,還是搶不到吃。 the crocodile jumping for food with vain.
大蚸蜴伸長舌頭尋找食物。monitor lizard looking for food as well.
孔雀撫弄它的羽毛。the peacock busy with its further.
鸚鵡在忙著為它的山羊朋友清腳。the parrot at friend with the goat, its really a rare scene, isn't it ?

Friday, March 21, 2008

馬中公園 慘景 friendship garden in bad shape

due to weather and unforeseen circumstances, the building and structures of Malaysia China friendship garden, Kuching, was decaying in fast speed, making it not suitable to ocuppy, and so have to close down.
馬中公園設計良好,是市民和遊人喜歡一遊的地點. the friendship garden is a very popular place to visit.
鄭和統帥和他的戰艦. admiral Cheng Ho and his boat.
美麗的四季花園. people loves walking in the garden.
湖畔餵魚. feeding the fishes by the side of the pool.
懷風樓已形同危樓. a section of the garden is in a poor state.
這個告示牌,可能隨時會倒下. this structure may collapse any time.
常青樓已被關閉禁止進入. the main hall of the garden is declared a dangerous building.
高度公園設施已高度腐爛. decaying really going fast.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

萬福碼頭小販搬遷無期 Ban Hock wharf hawkers: are they going to move ?

at Kuching waterfront, you can find many old and historical buildings. these include Ban Hock wharf hawker centres.
these hawkers has been there for a very long time. the buildings and surrounding area, is really in a very unhygienic condition.
although a new market was built a year ago, at Tabuan Laru, opposite Kuching specialist hospital, where large residential areas already exist, they should not be fear for the lack of business.
for the benefit of the beautification of Kuching waterfront, and the well being of everyone, it is understandable that, by moving the hawkers to Tabuan Laru, nobody should feel being neglected or left behind.
籬笆圍住的達班拉魯菜市場. new market at Tabuan Laru, totally closed up.
萬事俱備,只欠小販. everything is ready, except the hawkers.
宏偉的新菜市場被空置,真可惜. what a majestic hawkers market, unfortunately left vacant.
新市場地面是古晉專科醫院. opposite of the market, is the Kuching specialist hospital.
陳舊的萬福頭頭小販中心. the old Ban Hock wharf hawker centre.
碼頭前的一間歷史性建築和果販. fruit hawkers and the garment store bazaar, built in AD1929.
一名賣成衣小販在小販中心內閱讀. a hawker reading in the market.
生禽市場. poultry market.
菜市場背後,靠近河岸的小販. at the back of hawker centre, are hawkers selling along the river bank.