Saturday, February 9, 2008

春節只做一件事:拜年 new year visit is the celebration

詩華日報前主編何武籐,及太太,婆羅洲郵報編輯蔣嬋,及女兒,媳婦和孫子,三代同來賀年.今年肯定是本人的大好時機,時來運轉.....ex-journalist Ho bu tin, who retired from journalism a few years back, together with his journalist wife mdm. Chong, and daughter, daughter-in-law, grand child, bring along three generations of blessing, so nice....
詩巫順溪安都"金門迷你市場"老板李建川和黃春香伉儷,是成功的前新聞從業員典範.多年前拋棄新聞業後,他們開創了個人小天地的迷你市場,雖然生意量不是很大,卻是比很多人綽綽有餘.令千金要向老弟學攝影,可惜父母堅拒買架好相機,以防歷史重演,搞不好,不小心又跑入新聞業.所以,這個徒弟到現在還不受到承認....both husband and wife are ex-journalists, now the bosses of Kingdom mini market, at Sungei Antu, Sibu. their eldest daughter is my "student" in photography, but her parents would not give her a good camera, to avoid her being attracted into journalism again, which was dumped by them many years ago.
婆羅洲郵報詩巫採訪主任羅華光單槍匹馬.nicholas Lo, chief reporter of Borneo Post, Sibu, came alone.
二哥二嫂和侄兒們到訪.paul and his family members.
教授余雪興和家人齊賀歲. 目前砂拉越其中一位最佳新聞從業員,雖然收入和表現不成正比,不過,他是專業的,是業界公認的另一個典型成功新聞從業員.趁這個春節,讓我們向這些任勞任怨人士致敬.professor and his family members doing new year visit. Professor is one of the most outstanding reporters in Sarawak, at the moment. though no record to rectify my claim, it is nevertheless undeniable.
沈細熙,太太方老師及孩子,和阿海叔.tansri sim, his wife and son, and ah hai came visiting.
紫薇,永薇,及弟弟,家人來拜年. tze wei and family members.

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