Thursday, February 28, 2008

古晉中華二小動土 Kuching chung hua no.2 earthbreaking

Kuching chung hua primary no.2 new premises earth breaking ceremony was held this morning. located at Stutong road lane 13, the cost for the first phase of the building is Rm6.2 million. Malaysia deputy education minister Hon chung king was at hand to officiate at the ceremony.

校址所在地點,周圍是住宅區. location of the new school buildings.
促成二小搬遷的各有關人士. those who involved in the removal of the school are most happy with the implementation of the plan.
舞獅歡迎部長貴賓.lion dance welcomes the minister.
小學生揮舞著旗子.students waving the flags.
人聯黨出動極多黨員出席觀禮和展示力量.SUPP members showing their support.
記者和賓客翻閱動土禮手冊. reporters and invited guests glance through the brochure of the ceremony.
新二小,心願實現,好. fulfilling the obligation is most appreciative.

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