Friday, February 29, 2008

選舉旗幟飄 the flags flying everywhere

選舉最熱鬧的,自然是各政黨的旗子到處飛揚.只要看看這些旗子和標語,就可給你許多啟示和靈感,好處說不盡.the party flags and slogans really give you a lot of inspirations.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

古晉中華二小動土 Kuching chung hua no.2 earthbreaking

Kuching chung hua primary no.2 new premises earth breaking ceremony was held this morning. located at Stutong road lane 13, the cost for the first phase of the building is Rm6.2 million. Malaysia deputy education minister Hon chung king was at hand to officiate at the ceremony.

校址所在地點,周圍是住宅區. location of the new school buildings.
促成二小搬遷的各有關人士. those who involved in the removal of the school are most happy with the implementation of the plan.
舞獅歡迎部長貴賓.lion dance welcomes the minister.
小學生揮舞著旗子.students waving the flags.
人聯黨出動極多黨員出席觀禮和展示力量.SUPP members showing their support.
記者和賓客翻閱動土禮手冊. reporters and invited guests glance through the brochure of the ceremony.
新二小,心願實現,好. fulfilling the obligation is most appreciative.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

這次大選, 你的看法 have something to say----about this election

是了,不要一直藏在心里,說說你心理話,與大家分享. come on, say something, share with others, what you think about the election.

將你的看法,寫在下列意見攔里....leave your comment below....

看古晉國會選區: 如果....我能改變1000人













創意競選標誌 creative election campaign

這個天秤夠標準嗎?is it balance yet?
  在天能飛,在水也能浮?floating on the rough water?
我的領袖,我的家園.my leaders, my home.
火箭能升空,氣球也能.rockets can fly, so do balloon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

選舉旗海飄 party flags flying high

眼睛會令實淡賓人聯黨候選人楊昆賢感到困擾嗎? is the eye going to disturb Yong, candidate of Stampin for SUPP.
舒戈邦的漢堡包,也需要你的投票支持. the burger of Sugarbun needs your support as well.
健仁:人民的聲音,你我的希望.耀榮:新作風,新希望. Chong: your voice ,your hope. Alan Sim: new way, new hope.
溫利山在輝盛交通圈前的告示牌:利國利民,山高任遠.Voon's poster at Hui Seng roundabout, Kuching.

古晉中華二小拜四動土 Kuching Chung Hua no.4 earth breaking on thursday

the new school building of Kuching Chung Hua primary school no. 2 will commence building work this Thursday. the eductaion minister will officiate at the earth breaking ceremony. the new site of the school, will be at Tabuan Jaya Baru, near BDC residential housing estate, Kuching, which is on the road leading to Samarahan UNIMAS campus. first phase of the school project will cost Rm4.5 million, consist of a 2 storey administrative office block, 2 four storeys classroom blocks, and sport facilities. it is expected to be completed within 4 months time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

詩巫景點:梅松茶餐室 Sibu flash point: Moi Soung cafe

Moi Soung coffee shop, as we call it last time, has slightly transformed into its present appearance. the coffee shop itself is nothing really special. rather, it was its background which makes it stand up among the many coffee shops or cafe in town. there was once before, into the night, where traditional Chinese music were played, using the very traditional Chinese musical instrument--Y'e hu. well, it's difficult to translate literally. the instrument has two lines, I suppose, and that's how they play it, and make great music.
the man behind the prcatice of this musical instrument, we called him master Wong Nien Suing, has just passed away a month ago. with him, so was the history of playing Chinese musical instrument in the coffee shop.
if you drop by Sibu, just ask, most Chinese will tell you the location of this coffee shop. it is at the junction of Island road and Channel road, near to the old wharf and Chinese temple and pagoda.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

選舉熱潮:古晉人聯失先聲 Election fever: Kuching DAP a better start

古晉國會選區提名日早晨,南市市政廳前面的花圃,只見行動黨的旗幟到處隨風飄揚.人聯黨的三圈和國陣天秤,卻不見蹤影.當然,這讓人有種錯覺,認為古晉區人聯黨似乎只是在隌著行動黨參與競選- -陪太子讀書.
obviously, DAP Kuching is doing a better job by putting up lots of flags along the boulevard of Kuching south city council, during the domination day. this gave the impression that, SUPP is only playing a minor part in this election in Kuching. true or not, we'll have to wait until the final whistle on the election day.
張健仁:我們往前沖吧.Teo: I'm the choice.
  沈耀榮在沈慶輝及楊莉的陪同下,前往提名中心.Alan Sim accompany by Sim Kheen Hui and Lily Yong, walking to the nomination centre.
這是甚麼,椰子貢頭?what is this? omen of the coconut?
旗海先開戰.a war of flags.
  沈耀榮要:新作風,新希望.Alan Sim with his election banner which read: new way, new hope.
他在駡甚麼?年紀夠大了,火氣還不小.what did he say? I didn't hear that.
 我們高高在上,讓火箭飛向藍天.we are higher, the rockets will fly to the blue sky.

大選熱潮:實淡賓國陣熱 Election fever: Stampin BN hotter

on the look of it, it seems that, SUPP stand a better chance in Stampin.with BN component parties, including PBB and SPDP--Sarawak Progressive Democrative party going all out to show their support, if Yong can garner 40% of Chinese votes, he stands a better chance.
各黨派支持者擠在一起.supporters of many parties crowded together.
候選人出爐.國陣楊昆賢,行動黨溫利山.公正黨施志豪.as expected, three corners fight amont SUPP, DAP and Keadilan.
  黃錦和在實淡賓出現,陪伴施志豪出戰.Sarawak Keadilan chairman wong king ho was at the Stampin domination centre with their candidate See.
溫利山的夢魘,聖馬丁學校關閉問題.Vhoon lee son pose with a banner which wrote about his worries: the St. Martin school closure.
  楊昆賢手中的女孩一臉無奈.這不是我自願的.the face of the girl tells it all: it's not my will to raise my arm.
國陣友黨支持楊昆賢.葉金來也在場.BN parties support Yong. Alfred Yap is among the crowd.
 原來田承凱在這里.finally Chan appeared.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

詩巫美食:最佳男儐相的祥記乾盤麵 Sibu's good food: famous best man's Siong kee noodle

要聯絡陳明祥?沒問題.....這是他的手機號碼019 886 5422. 或家中電話:084-338079.
Ting ming siong is a noodle master, a magician, a barber, and the most famous of him, is the world Guinness records holder of BEST MAN--you know, the one who helps the married couples. and he is also the Malaysian book of records most frequent best man, the Sarawak book of amazing facts and records of best man.
although nowadays he seldom engage in magic performance or cutting the hairs, being a noodle stall owner and be the best man, remains his trade mark.
interested to know more about him? or to be in touch with him personally? no problem, just dial 019 886 5422, or his home 084-338079.

祥記乾盤麵老板兼頭手:陳明祥,在太太協助下,勤快的工作.siong kee's boss Ting ming siong, with the help of his wife, preparing noodle for his customers.
座落在詩巫巴拉路親善飲食中心內的「祥記乾盤麵」攤位,不要小看它的規模,連外國遊客都光臨品嚐它提供的美食呢.Siong kee noodle is located at Muheeba hawker centre, Pedada road, Sibu. although the stall is relatively small, but the tasty noodle is even attracting foreign visitors.

Friday, February 22, 2008

詩巫美食:阿和牛肉麵 Sibu's good food: Aho's beef noodle

詩巫阿和牛肉麵,就座落在砂拉越最高建築--三洋大廈旁.這間牛肉麵咖啡店,已開辦了接近10年,不過,曽搬遷過,目前就設在這里.它的牛肉麵,可說是詩巫頂呱呱的,如果不是最好的.到詩巫遊玩時,有機會,應該到這家牛肉麵品嚐.三洋大廈是詩巫主要地標,遊人必到的地點之一.到了三洋大廈,自然找得到阿和牛肉麵.阿和:看過來一下.這就是阿和本人了.Aho beef noodle, if not best in Sibu, will be very tasty for many. it is located just beside Sarawak tallest building--Wisma Sanyan, at jalan Causeway. operating almost 10 years by now, it is a place worth consider a visit if you are in town. look here, ah Ho, and this is the boss himself.
阿和牛肉麵店面.a view of the shop.

古晉日本公園 Japanese garden, Kuching

古晉日本公園座落在史都東,達閩拉魯附近,也即是通向朋岭工業區的河岸邊附近.這是一座小型的城市中森林,由森林部所管轄.公園內是一座小森林,和日本式建築物.這朵磨菇很特別.the Japanese garden is in the midst of Kuching city, located somewhere in the stutong area. this garden is in between tabuan jaya and pending. this mushroom in the wood, is just attractive.
這隻蟐蛾正在享受花蜜.this moth enjoying the sucking of flower.

石隆門元宵節遊神 Bau chap goh mei procession

元宵節,石隆門黃老仙師廟,每年例必舉辦一項遊神盛會.這項當地常年盛事,吸引了眾多人士,包括遠自古晉的人,趕往超過半個小時車程,聞名的碧湖,以觀賞這項盛會.the last day of lunar new year celebration, is a day when Bau, over half an hour drive from Kuching, would celebrate this day in a grand scale, by organising annual dieties procession, which attracted many from far away, to join in the festive mood.
當地許多友族人士也參與活動.many locals, including non-Chinese, took part in the procession.
舞龍隊落力演出,深獲好評.the dragon dance performing.
石隆門小鎮中心,擠滿了觀熱鬧的人群.crowds gathered in the town centre, to catch the celebration.
  這是真正的「花車」.cars decorated with items of local culture.
美猴王和唐三藏來啦.當然還有唐僧.八戒,你在那里? figures of the Chinese fairy tales, monkey king, and others.
獻神的食品是拜神人士最喜歡的食物,認為吃了會帶來好運.offerings to the gods, are most welcome items for the worshippers, believing good luck after consuming.
  這個鼓,聲音可不小呢.it can make loud sound.
乩童強陣出擊. mediums took part in the procession.
拔毛髮保平安.pulling the hair of this god will ensure prosperity.
嗨,我們來啦.hai, how are you.
原來八戒躲在這里.the god of the pig is here.
獅隊是最強大的參與遊行隊伍.lions dancing is the main attraction.