Wednesday, January 9, 2008

新欣廣場今午開幕 the Spring opening today

古晉又一間大型百貨市場--新欣廣場,今午3點由砂拉越首席部長主持開幕.這是古晉今年在停留在古老商業狀況中的分水嶺.過去,沒有冒險情神的原古晉人,在大量外來居民移入和協助提升人口及商業面貌後,如今是面臨另一波的”外來潮”,又是外省商界跨界「相救」.富麗華,美里商人投資發展.新欣廣場,詩巫商人投資.另一間酒店兼市場,也是來自美里的商人發展.kuching is developing with the help of outsiders. Kuching is not doing much to develop Sibu and Miri, but on the other hand, Sibu and Miri businessmen are coming in aid of Kuching. what a surprise.

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  1. My friend, watch up for your wordings in English. "Aiding" means lending hand to someone who need help without return..but this is business establishment with a fair share of profit.Furthermore, we are all Sarawakian..