Sunday, January 6, 2008

討個老婆好過年 enjoy the new year with life partner


according to Chinese tradition, young couple likes to get married during the Chinese new year, to usher in the good luck of what new year will give. these days, young people are scare to get marry early, in order not to sacrifice their freedom. but this year, it is different, so, are you not to get married?
688 hot market,

百年好合,但願人長久.年輕的朋友,準備好心情,收拾好玩性,要組織家庭了嗎?long life to marriage!! are you prepared to get married this season?
成雙成對,好羨慕人.partners are for 2=two=2=two.
阿妹,阿妹幾時辦嫁妝?這里全部都有.古晉的實淡賓路快樂谷101旁的中國風公司全具備.are you ready to get married? all you need, is just to go, and have a look, at all the necessities at 688 hot market.
 甜甜蜜蜜,肯定好睡.dream, sweet dreams, in double lah!!
雙囍臨門,好事成雙.all good thing comes in double.
好美的一棵心,心動了沒?a beautiful heart. are you moved yet?

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