Thursday, January 17, 2008

玄天上帝聖駕出遊 deity procession

每年華人十二月初四,古晉亞答街玄天上帝廟,例必舉行玄天上帝聖駕出遊,以慶祝玄天上帝誕辰.整百隊參與隊伍令得這個活動熱鬧異常,也吸引了極多人圍觀.the Chinese temple at the carpenter street of Kuching, celebrate the deity birthday, with over hundred teams participate in the procession.

夕陽黃昏下,舞獅在玄天上帝廟前表演. lion dancing in front of the Chinese temple.
聖上老君帶著仙鶴仙童來了.traditional characters of the Chinese religion.
財神爺帶著金元寶來啦,有興趣的快點來拿...the god of wealth is coming. anybody interested, come fast.
仙女下凡,多美.goddess from heaven, so pretty.
 ”觀音”來啦.goddess kwang yin is coming.
可愛孩童參與遊行.sweet children adding to the splendour to the occasion.
舞龍增添了出遊的熱鬧氣氛.dragon dance adding to the festivities mood.
鞭炮燃起,玄天上帝出遊啦!fire crackers announce the deity is going for the procession.
 花傘隊翩翩起舞.dancing with their big umbrellas.
敲鑼打鼓迎接聖駕.drums and pipes, to welcome the deity.
青龍飛舞.green dragon flying.

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