Wednesday, January 16, 2008

看鱷魚搶食 the crocodiles are eating


Jong's crocodile farm opening daily from 9am to 5pm. entrance for adult is Rm10.00, children Rm5.00. this price is strictly for Sarawakian only. visitors from outer Sarawak, will have to pay more. now they do check on your identity-- very strict, for more money lah.
feeding time for crocodiles are at 11am and 3pm. visitors can adjust their time, they are advice to go early, because they are some other animals and birds to watch as well. even amazon big fishes are swimming in the pool--real king size.
just ask for assistance from your hotel, or travel agent, or even taxi, they can show you and take you there. enquiries? please don't hesitate to contact this blogger, I am more willing to give any assistance.
telephone contact for Jong's crocodile farm: town office:6-082-242790, crocodile farm: 6-082-863570.

鱷魚--肉食者.the crocodile, carnivorous animal.
你爭我奪,弱肉強食.chasing after the food.
張開血盆大口,怕嗎? the big mouth of the crocodile.
它們在等待--食物.they are waiting for their foods.

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