Thursday, December 20, 2007

路邊小販 road side hawker

malay hawkers selling roast fishes is a more common scene by the road side. they need not shout to lure costumers, just using the smell of the fish, will attract people to them.
路邊賣膏藥的,今時今日還見得到.過去我們叫他們是跑碼頭的,今日,至多只算是小販吧?即使這樣,還有人在路邊叫賣膏藥,確實是很有趣的事,難怪這麼多人圍觀.但是,是否相信他所說的,或給他一點支持,看樣子反應就不怎麼好了.造成他下不了台,拼命努力發揮口才,希望會有一些精神上的鼓勵. road side hawker is getting rare these days. other than no permission for them to sell their products this way, stricter control of products sell, is another reason. nevertheless, when thing getting rare, enthusiasm always get in the way. that's why so many people gather around to have a look. buying the product on sell? obvious not much enthusiasm.

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