Friday, December 21, 2007

老詩巫:東山路有999年地契 old Sibu: tiong sang road

這排陳舊不起眼的木屋,土地期限可是999年哦.this roll of old wooden houses, the land title is 999 years.
木板屋所剩無幾.wooden houses are getting rare these days.
路口就是市中心,東山路是市區的不可分割一部份. tiong sang road leads directly to the town centre.


tiong sang road got its name in the sixties of the last century.
it was a village road then, where a school name Tiong Sang primary school was situated. the road got its name from the school.
this school is still in existence today, but separated from the road, due to other roads coming up in the process.
many houses then were built with wood. and are gradually disappear either through the passage of time, or due to disaster like fire, where houses were destroyed by the rows.
wooden houses still remain today, and the prices are not much. but, believe it or not, some of these houses land title are 999 years, the land owners can stay there for many many generations.

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