Saturday, November 24, 2007

詩巫周末市集 Sibu sunday market

賣魚小販等著顧客上門. fishmonger waiting for customers.
這是傳統的福州人"光餅". traditional foochow people cake.
煎傳統煎餅. frying traditional pancake.
詩巫周末市集一景.a view of Sibu Sunday market.


the number of hawkers in sibu sunday market is much smaller than Satok sunday market in Kuching.
nevertheless, sibu sunday market is one very very different place. many of those come straight from their farms. they are the farmers themselves, bringing along their products. vegetables and fruits they actually planted, to sell at this place.
you'll know their identities through their speaking, their ways of treating customers, and their simpleness.

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