Friday, November 30, 2007

富雅各---衛理教會傳教士 James Hoover---Methodist church missionary

2007年,富雅各重建的墳墓.Hoover's grave rebuilt.
歷經72年的原有墳墓. the 72-year old grave.
墓碣寫著他的生平簡歷.simple narration of his life on the tomb stone.
富雅各遺照. a picture of James Matthews Hoover.
詩巫的富雅各紀念公園,中間狀如漏斗的設施,意指他為了教會付出了個人的一生.memory park in Sibu. the structure in the middle signified his endless love for the people here.
無止息「寡婦的油」,代表長長久久的上帝恩慈. the ever flowing "widow's oil".


James Matthews Hoover has been a Methodist Episcopal church's missionary from U.S.A.
He was born on 26th August, 1872. After serving in Sarawak for 32 years, he passed away in 11th February, 1935.
His grave is at the back of St. Thomas school of the Anglican church, kuching.
the methodist church of sarawak rebuilt the grave in the midst of this year.
a park is also built at Sungei Merah, Sibu, this year, in memory of him and many other forefathers of the church.

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